Lebodome: Frisbees, Bocce and… Bolo Toss?

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Meridan Hill Park, Scott Leibowitz

I walk the line: Sunday afternoon at Meridian Hill Park. (Scott Leibowitz)

From Scott Leibowitz. Find Scott on Twitter @Lebodome.

Scott Leibowitz

Scott Leibowitz

Backyard Sports to the Sound of the Drums at Meridian Hill Park

Welcome back to the Lebodome…

There are many essentials that make up a true summer in D.C. Going to a Nats game to enjoy the food (instead of the baseball), jazz at the sculpture garden (where you at least know one random person) and, of course, the drum circle Sunday at Meridian Hill Park.

As I have already checked off the first two from my list, I decided it was time to sweat for a few hours outside, listening to some beats. Last week, Editor Luis Gomez wrote a great article on the park’s diversity. And I found this Washington Post article explaining the tradition of the music, so I won’t go too much into the actual drumming as I ain’t Ringo. I was at the park to enjoy the activities, the people watching and the music.

Meridan Hill Park, Scott Leibowitz

The main green on the north side of Meridian Hill Park. (Scott Leibowitz)

One of the very first things you notice in this park is it is long, meaning plenty of green space for all kinds of outdoor/backyard games — but there is a bit of a risk. There is a lovely string of benches on both sides of the middle green, so if you are playing anything, you are part of the showcase (which is amazing for people watching).

For most of the afternoon, I found myself watching Frisbees fly around while enjoying the great variety of dogs taking walks. The park is also great for bocce — a section is just dirt, making it perfect for good rolls.

I also saw fantastic jugglers, a competitive game of Bolo Toss (Ladder Toss) and, my personal favorite of the day, the gymnast/Cirque De Soleil group climbing on top of each other. My roommate also tells me later in the afternoon when it cools down the park has very competitive short field soccer.

Overall, it is a beautiful park in our neighborhood and is much closer then The Mall (with fewer tourists, too). Some D.C. apartments have a backyard for Cornhole, but if you don’t, head to the park and move around.

U.S. Women’s World Cup: Winning

The game last Sunday to get into the World Cup semifinal… impressive. We next face France on Wednesday, airing on ESPN at noon. If we make the finals, maybe they will put up a big screen in Dupont Circle like they did for the USA vs. England game last summer. As a reader noted on my first article, Team USA midfielder Lori Lindsey actually lives in Borderstan, so we all have to root for our neighbors. Bottom Line, Borderstan: Jump on the Team USA Bandwagon.

Thought of the Week

Forget Google +. I am more intrigued by Google Music.  Also Hope everyone had a great 7/11 and got a free Slurpee.

Links! Links! Ice Cold Links Here!

  • Legg Mason Classic starts July 30. To see some great men’s pro tennis, purchase tickets here.
  • For those not baseball fans, the 28th man ever, Derek Jeter, reached 3,000 hits for his career. This is a short list; marvel at it.
  • When I win a championship, I don’t want a big diamond ring. I want a giant ring pop instead.

Next Week: Thoughts from the MLB All-Star Game and maybe football comes back… maybe.


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