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by Borderstan.com July 19, 2011 at 8:00 am 1,127 5 Comments

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Lockout! Scott sums up the situation with the NFL and NBA. (Illustration by Luis Gomez)

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Scott Leibowitz

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Of course the economy isn’t fixed yet; if it were, the NBA and NFL wouldn’t be in lockouts.

After watching President Obama‘s latest press conference on the budget negotiations, I had a thought that hit me like a linebacker sacking a blind-sided  quaterback (one of my favorite hits in the game):
the current  NBA and NFL lockouts are linked to our federal economy. All of these lockouts and struggles are no coincidence… America needs its football (and hoops) for our economy’s sake.

What is exactly going on? I am not an expert or lawyer so my next two paragraphs are loaded with links explaining both…


The owners locked out the players at the culmination of the last agreement  (NFLPA). Why? There were many issues on the table, but the primary issue was the split of 9 billion dollars (tough damn question I imagine). That said, negotiations have been going well and the league may be back by the end of this week. (Huge sigh of relief for my fantasy football league.)


What a mess. Coming off of the most popular season since MJ’s Bulls, the league said no more business till the numbers are right. When I say numbers, I mean profit. Only a handful of teams turn a profit (poor business model), and there is no salary cap, so there is less league-wide parity. Small market vs. big city teams, ludicrous free agent signing capabilities, and players who threaten to play overseas; things are looking ugly for the NBA. Don’t expect this mess to be fixed anytime soon.

These lockouts (and federal discussions) must end. When the NHL becomes the most financially sound sports league in America, you know something is off. The optimist in me wants to believe that the NFL will make it in time for the next season, but the NBA looks ready for the long haul. What will we do without fantasy sports or a ridiculous Lebron James story come fall?

Although these questions continue to haunt my sleep, I still see the glass as half full.  The current negotiations remind me of a time in 1994 when my father told me they had cancelled the rest of the season, including a World Series (1994) – this was right at the cusp of me enjoying the sport. It took that league till 1998 to get its swagger back. Hopefully it won’t come to this and with the sports at ease, our government may actually figure their mess out.

The Morning After: Team USA Chokes

Let’s not mince words here. Team USA blew this this one. Imagine “Miracle on Ice” and then losing gold to Finland. It just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. You knew we were not winning the penalty kicks. Great effort by all and kudos to Japan.

Thought of the Day: Maybe the U.S. Women win the shootout if we take our kicks like this?

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  • poppy

    I didn’t realize you are so sadistic; a blind-sided quarterback is your favorite hit.
    Are you being a little tough on the lady soccer players? I still can’t get over your interest in a ladies sport.
    The NFL and NBA troules have been characterized as billionaires fighting with millionaires, tough for we mere mortals to even comprehend.

    • Lebodome

      1. Yes it’s a rough hit. But show me another sport w that kind of physical play?
      2. Too tough? When you are 22-0-3 against an opponent I expect a W.
      3. Bandwagon patriotism.
      4. Football back by weeks end. But yea I see your pt…

      • Bart(enura) Simpson

        1. Mr. Lebodome, sir. This remains my favorite hit of all time, and it’s not on a quarterback: http://tinyurl.com/3qcof27

        2. I had the uneasy sports fanatic feeling too as soon as that WC game went into PKs. Though I decided if we couldn’t win it, Japan is surely the country that it means the most to right now. Sort of like how I felt the Yankees were supposed to win the WS after Sept 11.

        3. And now if Kobe goes east with Deron, David Stern better learn how to pronounce: ben bu oyunu çok seviyorum

  • Big Guy from NYC

    Love the comparison of USA soccer to the US hockey team losing to Finland!

  • Lebodome

    To Bart,
    1. First, no need to call me Sir. Lebo is just fine. Second, as an owner of a Brandon Jacobs jersey, I remember watching that hit live. I literally jumped out of my seat.
    2. The momentum was just swinging away from Team USA. I also thought my Yanks were gonna pull that series out. Instead I learned how to really dislike Curt Shilling
    3. “I love this game” says google translate. I am more curious how he makes the NBA profitable again.


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