Reader Poll: Bikes on Borderstan Sidewalks

by July 19, 2011 at 11:03 am 2,221 0

Dupont Circle, Logan Circle, U Street NW, Borderstan

News from Dupont-Logan-U Street.

Mary Burgan has column today on D.C.’s laws regarding bikes on sidewalks: Bikes and Sidewalks: Time to Update D.C.’s Laws? The current law allows them outside the downtown business corridor — which begins south of Massachusetts Avenue NW.

Should the laws be updated to prohibit bikes on all sidewalks in the Dupont, Logan and U Street neighborhoods? Or should bikes be banned only from commercial corridors, such as 17th, 14th, U and P Streets NW? Another option: no bikes on sidewalks where there is a bike lane on the street. For example, Q, R and 14th Streets NW have bike lanes — but they are not two-way lanes next to curb like the one on 15th.

Or should the current set of rules for bikes on sidewalks be maintained?

Has the neighborhood changed so much, with additional residents and foot traffic, that it’s time to rethink bikes on sidewalks in the area?





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