Albus Cavus Sculptures Promote D.C. Voting Rights

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Peter Krsko, Sculpture, 15th Street NW, Corcoran Street NW

15th and Corcoran Streets NW: “Pinky Swear” by artist DECOY is part of the Albus Cavus artist collective’s Give Me A Vote project. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Jana Petersen and Matt Rhoades

Hands up, Borderstanis! Have you seen “Pinky Swear,” the large blue hand — bright red heart at its center with the words “Give Me a Vote” scribbled at its base — on the corner of 15th Street NW and Corcoran Streets? Assuredly, if you’ve walked south on 15th street or east on Corcoran, you must not have missed it — especially since the weather’s been nice (this week aside…).

15th and Corcoran Streets NW: “Pinky Swear” is an installation by DECOY, a local artist who is active in the community about teaching young people and painting murals – check out her blog.

“Pinky Swear” is part of the Give Me A Vote campaign by Albus Cavus, an artist collective whose projects “are connected to the idea of creating public spaces that are healthy, unique and nurturing to the community,” said Peter Krsko, a founder of Albus Cavus. In an attempt to create art that connects to our community, “Give Me a Vote” aims to educate folks about D.C.’s lack of voting rights in Congress. There are currently 30 of the sculptures around the city.

What about the Albus Cavus name, which means white cave in Latin? “We established an exhibition space in an old basement and it looked like a white cave, that’s where the name came from. Since then, the group has grown out of the enclosed indoor space and onto the streets; today all our projects are connected to the idea of creating public spaces that are healthy, unique and nurture community,” said Krsko.

Other Works in D.C.

  • Albus Cavus is responsible for D.C.’s largest mural in Edgewood.
  • Cavus has started maintaining a network of walls where artists can create murals without the danger of being labeled as vandals; these “Open Walls” can be found on Sherman Avenue NW and Barry Place NW, behind the Rhode Island Shopping Center on Rhode Island Avenue NE and 4th Street NE, and in Garfield Park in Southeast D.C.

D.C. Public Libraries

Albus Cavus is providing five workshops during a summer program at D.C. Public Libraries, “You Are Here.” Three are yet to come – Graffiti Letters: Thursday, July 21 at 4:30pm at Northwest One Library; Digital Photography: Wednesday, July 27 at 4:30pm at Watha T. Daniel Library (aka the Shaw branch, 1630 7th Street NW); and Stenciling: Thursday, July 28 at 2:00pm at Petworth Library.


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