At the Farmers’ Markets: Summer’s Best

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heirloom tomatoes, Dupont Farmers' Market, 14 & U Farmers' Market

Great for sandwiches: Heirloom tomatoes are in supply at the farmers’ markets. (Alejandra Owens)

From Alejandra Owens. You can find her on Twitter at @frijolita and her food blog One Bite At A Time.

It’s August. This, in farmers market speak, basically means you’ll be seeing the fruit and vegetable equivalent of gold coins at this weekends markets.

I hope you still share my excitement for tomatoes. This weekend at the 14th and U and Dupont Farmer’s Markets it’s an heirloom tomato extravaganza. Purple, yellow, green and all shades in between these twisty, turny odd-shaped gems are how we know summer has officially arrived.

Saturdays: 14 and U Farmer’s Market from 9 am to 1 pm… Sundays: Dupont Farmer’s Market from 8:30 am to 1 pm.

If my recipe recommendations weren’t enough a few weeks ago try panzanela, caprese or a simple tomato sandwich. Have you guys ever eaten a ripe juicy tomato like you would eat an apple? It is one of life’s simple pleasures I’ll tell ya!

What else?

  • Lima beans, peaches, plums, okra, tomatillos, green beans and melons are all making appearances at the markets this weekend too.
  • Summer salads mixing fresh fruits with tomatillos or firmer varieties of red or heirloom tomatoes are unexpected and refreshing dishes to work into your routine right now. Those peaches and plums are good ones to consider.

Tomato and Veggie Sandwiches

The last few weekends of Fort Reno, Jazz In The Garden and outdoor movies are upon us. Consider hittin the market’s fresh bread vendors for some rolls an baguettes!

Some cold cuts, charcuterie, fresh cheese or fresh pesto make for wonderful sandwich pairings to all those fruits an veggies you are loading up on. But don’t forget dessert…

For the Sweet Tooth

My sweet treat favorite, Whisked at the 14th and U market, has peach pound cake, caramelized onion and goat cheese tart. Their new pesto bread sounds delish too! Also, it’s Jenna’s birthday so they are having a special sale on their bar and round cookies to celebrate!

I’m finally back in town and will be visiting both markets this weekend. Say hi if you see me or tweet me!


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