We Made Reading Borderstan Easier

by Borderstan.com August 22, 2011 at 10:13 am 1,440 0

Borderstan.comWe made a few changes to Borderstan over weekend, all of which should make it easier for you to find stories:

  • News Briefs. News Briefs now show up in the Latest feed in the right navigation bar.
  • Latest Feed. Each post in the Latest feed now contains the date it was posted at Borderstan.
  • Section Tabs. It is much easier to find stories under each of the seven topic/section tabs. On the top navigation bar, click on News, Crime, Lifestyle or one of the other four categories — you will now see 10 stories listed in each section. Sections are now much easier to navigate as each story contains only the headline, photo and text excerpt.

RSS Feeds

Remember that you can get RSS feeds for Borderstan. You can get a feed for all site stories or you can sign up for feeds from each of the seven content sections, such as Food & Drink and Politics & Government.

To get an RSS Feed for the entire site, click on the Subscribe button at the top of the right navigation bar and follow the instructions. For an RSS feed of a specific section, click on the section tab and then look for the RSS feed for this section button at the top of the section page.


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