ANC 2F and ANC 1B to Get New Commissioners

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Single Member District 02 in ANC 1B is in the heart of the U Street area. (DC Citizen Atlas)

Some new faces are coming to Borderstan area Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANC). Both ANC 2F in Logan Circle and ANC 1B near 14th and U Streets — each important anchors of the busy 14th Street NW corridor — will see new commissioners this fall.

An ANC is often the first point for residents to express their views on everything from new liquor licenses to commercial development. Hundreds of new condos and apartments are in the development pipeline along 14th Street from N Street north to Clifton Street, making these two ANCs of particular importance. ANCs are divided into smaller Single Member Districts (SMD) and typically represent about 2,000 residents.

Lewin-Zwerdling Files Petition for 1B02

In SMD 1B02 Alexandra Lewin-Zwerdling is the lone candidate to date for the seat formerly occupied by Aaron Spencer. Spencer won the seat in a three-way race last year against Tucker Gallagher and incumbent, Peter Raia. Spencer is moving out of the SMD which created the vacancy. ANC 1B02 runs along U Street from 14th east to 9th, and from S Street on the south to as far north as Florida Avenue in some places.

Lewin-Zwerdling is a public health professional for the U.S. Government and lives with her husband in the 1400 block of Wallach Place. Borderstan contacted Lewin-Zwerdling and asked her why she is interested in representing SMD 1B02.

Lewin-Zwerdling: “I’m running because this neighborhood is home for my husband and me, and it’s where we will raise our family. I am committed to facilitating a strong working relationship between residents and businesses, and creating a safe, livable community. While I lend my utmost support to a thriving neighborhood with an expanding list of local businesses, we are a community of residents and should work with businesses to make sure they are good neighbors. As a public health professional I hear the concerns of residents loud and clear about the need for a range of businesses, including a nearby grocery store.”

The September meeting of ANC 1F took place September 1, about a week before the filing deadline for the SMD position. If no other candidate files, Lewin-Zwerdling will take the post at the next monthly meeting. If another candidate files a timely petition, a special election will decide the winner.

ANC 2F02, Logan Circle

ANC 2F02 has been vacant since Emily Barton resigned the seat. (Image courtesy ANC 2F website)

Barron to Take 2F02 Seat

Over in ANC 2F near Logan Circle, Nick Barron is seeking the vacant seat in SMD 2F02. The 2F02 seat was held by Emily Barton, who moved to accept a job outside the area. Barron informed Borderstan over the holiday weekend, that the DC Board of Elections and Ethics gave him confirmation that he would be named the new Commissioner for SMD 2F02, since he was the only candidate to file a petition. He hopes to be sworn in by Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans before the monthly ANC 2F meeting this Wednesday night.

The spot Barron will fill includes the south side of the 1400 block of P Street, the 1300 and 1400 blocks of Rhode Island Avenue, the east side of 15th Street from N to P Streets, N Street from 15th Street east to Vermont Avenue and the west side of Vermont Avenue to Logan Circle. Barron came to D.C. from the Midwest three years ago and lives with his partner on 15th Street NW. Borderstan asked Barron why he wants to represent his SMD.

Nick Barron: “My goal in serving on ANC 2F is to actively seek my neighbors’ input and then do my best at representing the majority opinion to the ANC. If I have an axe to grind it is only that I think too often public officials forget they’re servants of the public, and so I plan to always remember I serve my neighbors, not the other way around.”

The next meeting of ANC 2F will be at 7 pm on Wednesday, September 7, at the Washington Plaza Hotel on Thomas Circle NW. ANC 2F05 has been open since January 1 and no one has filed paperwork for the seat.

Redistricting Will Change SMD Boundaries

The results of the 2010 census showed significant population growth in many SMDs in the 1B and 2F ANCs. DC law requires redistricting every 10 years to balance the number of residents is each SMD — each one must have between 1,900 and 2,100 residents. The area covering 1B02 grew to more than 3,200 residents during the past decade.

It is anticipated that redistricting will also add two additional SMDs to ANC 2F. ANC 1B currently has a staggering 11 SMDs, while ANC 2F has just six. ANC 1B will likely grow to 13 seats — unless it was to be split into two ANCs.

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