Lebodome’s Football Bars: The Blaguard, The Neighborhood Bar

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The Blaguard, Lebodome, Adams Morgan, 18th Street NW

The Blaguard is on 18th Street NW, just north of U. (Scott Leibowitz)

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Quarter way through the NFL season and I am still thanking the great football gods for bringing it back on time (the same can’t be said about the NBA gods, that sport might never come back).  The highly touted Cowboys and Eagles are both 1-3, the Detroit Lions are unbeaten, and the Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers appear to have no hangover.

I have the same 3-1 record in my three fantasy leagues and yea somehow the Redskins are 3-1 atop the NFC East (Enjoy it, DC, while it lasts). This week’s football viewing comes from a bar I already have quite a high opinion of, and my game-day experience did not disappoint. So without further ado:

The Blaguard, 2003 18th Street NW

General Description: Your neighborhood Irish pub with the draft beer selection you have always wanted. Always a friendly crowd, plenty of Jameson, and never a crazy line like their neighbor, Jack Rose.

Why I Went There: Sometimes you want to go, where everybody knows your name. To this day I have not found a friendlier staff and fun bartenders in the district. When I asked the owner if he would ever have my football team’s games on, he said come in, and it will be there.

Atmosphere: As this is a neighborhood bar, many of the patrons have been coming to this bar for years on Sunday to watch their teams. In a town like D.C. there were fans from almost a dozen or so teams wearing their colors proudly. There are plenty of TVs downstairs and upstairs so your game is bound to be on somewhere.

Small awesome addition you probably missed. The foot-stool in the downstairs bar is actually a piece of the 18th Street streetcar rail that was torn out of the streets in the last year. It’s a perfect compliment to the high stool and tables, as well the best table in the house that looks right on to the street. Also a strong sense of Redskins camaraderie with their fight song playing after wins and a portrait picture of departed safety Sean Taylor.

Food and Beverage: I’d say there around 20 unique beers (maybe more) on tap with plenty of local and seasonal flavor. On Sunday they have good wing special but their hidden specials are fried macncheese tots and hot pretzels. Also while there Sunday a patron ordered a “Yahtzee,” which turned out to be a Jack Daniels and Red Bull. I asked him why it’s called that and he said when you drink this you are rolling the dice and have no idea where it will take you. Pretty sure he was a Packers fan.

Actual Game Viewing: Plenty of TVs, plenty of space up or down. People shift in and out of the good barstools when their team’s game is over, a high sign of class.

Overall: This is my Cheers bar. I am just glad that the football experience is good as the everyday. Nick should be proud of his establishment, and the people that work there.

Total Pigskins 4.5

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