Rent: What’s Your Pain?

by Borderstan.com October 4, 2011 at 8:52 pm 1,560 6 Comments

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Are you a renter? If so, what’s your monthly paycheck pain for the rent?

DC has been a popular destination ever since the financial crisis and 2008 recession — there are jobs here when the rest of the country is hurting. (Thanks, Uncle Sam!). In addition, downtown DC has become very popular in the last decade (and what’s more popular than the Borderstan area?). Put these two factors together and you have a tight rental market with rising rents.

So… how much do you pay a month? If you have a roommate, significant other or spouse, only figure what you owe — not the total amount for your abode.

  • Siobhan

    I moved into a one-bedroom before the Whole Foods opened and I pay less that $2k a month. But friends trying to move here now say it’s generally more than that for a nothing-special one-bedroom in the area.

  • RhodeIslandAve

    I paid $649.50 for a “junior” one-bedroom at The Windsor House on the 1400 block of Rhode Island NW in 1995. Anyone know what they go for now?

    • Cecile

      Pretty sure they’re going for $1700+ these days.

  • Hahaha

    I paid $120k in 1997 for a one-bedroom Logan condo that is now worth $450k. Of course, I can’t ever buy anything bigger in the area.

  • Logan Lady

    I live just off Logan Circle in a no-thrills efficiency and I pay #1,170/month. Too much for what little I’m getting. When I moved into the place in 2002 it was $725/month. I’ll take that amount again!

  • VinShaw

    Oh look a bell curve. I find this to look about right other than expecting there to be more in the $2000 range.


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