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"Borderstan" "Buffalo Billiards"

Buffalo Billiards on 19th Street NW south of Dupont Circle. (Scott Leibowitz)

From Scott Leibowitz. Find Scott on Twitter @Lebodome. Email him at [email protected].

This is now the third bar I have reviewed and I gotta say I am sorta getting the hang of this. I have had some great feedback from you guys, but feel there are lots of hidden gems of bars and places in our neighborhood I should stop by on game-day.

As long as there are TVs, draft beer, and football on, I am willing to check out anywhere. For this week thought I’d venture south and spend the day in Dupont Circle. Enjoy.

Buffalo Billiards, 1330 19th St NW

General Description:When you hear the term “sports bar”, this is definitely what you would have mind. It’s got wall-to-wall televisions, tons of different great bar games, lots of space, and fairly standard bar drink and food. If your team makes it to a championship game, and you want to watch with your fellow fans, this is the place to do it.

Scott Leibowitz, Buffalo Billiards

Scott Leibowitz

Why I Went There: Convenience in Borderstan. This past Sunday was great weather and a walk through the Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market made it quite easy to walk to the south part of the circle for football. I have also been here for a few college games and enjoyed some pretty loud and enthusiastic crowds.

Atmosphere: This is the very spacious and activity filled bar DC needs to be considered a decent sports bar city. First off it is quite large with tons of space, so if you are a group of 25 Cincinnati Bengals fans, there is plenty of room and an available TV. Every game is on somewhere, including the center of the room with a projector screen and six other HDTVs; frankly it’s a lot of stimulation.

Its other big plus is they have so many games and activities including; a dozen billiards tables, shuffle board, darts, ski-ball, foosball, buck-hunter, and that golf video game people like. If your team is getting blown out, chuck some darts. Got a friend or significant other who isn’t a big football fan, there are plenty of games to help their Sunday afternoon enjoyment. (My girlfriend is not like that; instead she blew me out in Fantasy Football this week.)

Food and Beverage: This bar blew their money out on their HDTV’s and tons of games. That said their beer and food menu is not an escape from any other bar in the area or the country. I’d even go as far to say the beer selection, besides Batch 19, was very average (Buds, Millers, Coors, etc.). Menu seemed fairly bar’ish but gotta say for a place this large, table service was nice.

Actual Game Viewing: Tons of space + tons of HDTV + friendly staff = anywhere you sit you can see your game.

Something a Female in My Party Noticed: This was a not just a bunch of dudes watching football. I’d say half the patrons were women, and not just dates, but game invested, wearing their team’s jerseys and cheering all game. This bar is for every fan, every gender.

Overall: If you want a sports viewing bar with tons of games and TVs, this is as good as it gets.  Besides that, not much else but an average bar

Total Pigskins:

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