Meet PULP’s Miracle Maker, Tony Boykins

by Borderstan.com October 20, 2011 at 1:20 pm 6 Comments

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PULP’s miracle maker: Tony Boykins in front of PULP on Monday afternoon. (Luis Gomez Photos)

The good news came late last Friday: PULP will not be closing November 23. The staff of the popular neighborhood gift store got the good news from owner Paul Hempel, who had been searching for a new buyer.

On Saturday, the signs announcing the store’s closing were gone, replaced by “It’s a Miracle on 14th Street.” What was known was that a DC-area businessman had purchased PULP.

It turns out that Tony Boykins is the miracle maker. Boykins is a DC resident who lives on Capitol Hill, and used to work in the telecommunications industry. According to store management, Boykins was one of three interested parties who expressed interest in buying the store after the initial November closing was announced.

A year ago Boykins was interested in purchasing the store, but the time wasn’t right. Boykins said his wife was the inspiration for him to buy the store. “She thought it would be wonderful to own a business like PULP,” said Boykins.

Boykins said he is “very exited” to join the 14th Street neighborhood and business community. He sees the city, overall, coming into its own and wants to help shape this transition. For now Boykins doesn’t see big changes for PULP. He said he wants to hear from the customers and get their feedback. Bev Jones will remain as store manager and Raven Bradburn as assistant store manager.

“I want PULP to remain a partner in the growth of the community,” said Boykins.

Jones said they are working to replenish the store’s offerings: “We’re working as fast as we can to replenish our merchandise inventory — please be patient, it’s taking time. Our lovely shoppers will soon see new and wonderful cards and gifts.”

There will be a store “re-opening party” on Saturday, October 29 from 11 am to 2 pm: “PULP – The Next Generation.”

  • Congratulations Mr. Boykin, and Mrs. Boykin for his inspiration in this purchase. I use Pulp when I need a card. Target is sometimes cheaper, but the selection is superior at Pulp. And hey, shop at Target for all your stuff and you lose the right to wonder what happened to all the independent retail in your neighborhood. Esp. with the holiday season approaching, pls do as much shopping as you can at independent retail. You’ll obtain more unique gifts, your loved ones will be delighted, and you’ll help keep great businesses going in a great neighborhood, esp. in a recession.

  • Logan Simmons

    Congratulations and welcome back. Target is great for basics but neighborhood parents need somewhere to buy essentials — unique stocking stuffer, treats, outrageous holiday items, squirky birthday gifts, etc. Keep the kitsch!

  • andy

    Yeah! Yippee! Thank you for saving PULP Mr. & Mrs. Boykin. I always shop for cards and crazy gifts at PULP. The energy in your store is fun and pleasant.

  • Marisa

    Thank you, Mr & Mrs Boykins. This is one of my favorite stores and am so grateful it’s staying open.

  • Mandy

    That Bev is the gem of the neighborhood. The most delightful person for miles and miles. I would buy a cockroach from her if she were selling it.
    Yippie Pulp!!
    Yippie Bev!!

    More fun pet items please.

  • I’m super excited to see PULP stay open! And excited to read all about it in Borderstan.


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