Reader Poll: Traveling for Thanksgiving?

by November 17, 2011 at 9:52 am 1,414 0

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Do your Thanksgiving plans involve planes, trains and automobiles? Or your sofa and local hangout? (One Photograph A Day)

The annual pre-Thanksgiving exodus from Borderstan begins tomorrow. With so many people gone, it’s a great time to get a table at a restaurant, hit a local club or simply enjoy the simplicity of easy parking on the street.

So, are you leaving town or staying put? Headed for I-95 or your living room sofa? It’s never too late to say, “No! I won’t travel on Thanksgiving, the worst time of year to go anywhere!”

If you’re staying in town, you may be part of a minor trend this year. CNNMoney says about 2% fewer people are expected to travel during the 2011 Thanksgiving holiday period. If you are traveling, The Washington Post says the Southeast and Pacific Northwest may be “trouble spots” for Thanksgiving travel.

Tell us where you’re going for Turkey Day (or not).


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