SYMHM: TGIF Before a Big Holiday

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Borderstan Flickr Pool, bigal

“Bourbon and Ginger Ale” from bigal in the Borderstan Flickr Pool.

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Occupy DC Marches on Key Bridge

DCist reports the 200 -person strong march to the Key Bridge and back went off without a hitch. That may not be your view, if you were attempting to navigate traffic in that general area. But there were no arrests and no violent episodes, which is a marked difference between Occupy DC and Occupy groups in other cities.

I thought it was interesting that police met with marchers in advance to explain their role as “referees” and seemed to work somewhat collaboratively with the group. As NYPD clashes with the larger Occupy Wall Street, it’s worth noting the difference… and also that DC police were in regular uniforms while Virginia police were decked out in riot gear. Any ideas on what’s different here?

We’re All Drunk!

Based on the report from USA Today, I tend to believe at least half of you are hungover at work this morning, and the rest of you are planning happy hour with a vengeance. Consumption of booze was at a 25 year high. The economy, a ‘cocktail culture’ and any number of other reasons are cited for the uptick. DC is proudly holding down a wet patch in the otherwise mostly dry Mid-Atlantic but is somehow trailing New Hampshire in consumption. I know the long, cold winter and presidential primary are drivers, but in a town with 50 receptions a night, how did we lose? And yes, I am viewing this as a loss.

Silicone Butt Implants

That’s all you really need. Apparently, a woman was recently arrested at the otherwise stately JW Marriott on 14th Street NW for giving women silicone butt implants. The Washington Examiner seems to be as amused by this story as I am. But perhaps I shouldn’t be; there are serious health risks associated with the procedure, not to mention the safety issues of meeting a stranger with a needle in a hotel room. Two baffling things: one, women were also asking for injections in their hips. I cannot process wanting to increase the size of your hips. Two, have we failed a generation by not teaching them that packing much back is only one man’s opinion? Maybe two, if you count 2 Live Crew as a single person.

Best Thing on the Internet I Found This Week

Y’all know I love my snark. I love getting when you get into it too, especially  in the comments, too (shout out to my girl Mandy, and I would close the Metro for you!) So imagine my delight when I found a tumblr that takes on the persona (imagined, of course) of Suri Cruise judging her celebrity kid competition. Check it out at Suri’s Burn Book (also on Twitter). I know it sounds silly, but it is solid entertainment while you are nursing your hangover while humming “Baby Got Back.” I’d apologize, but you like it and I’m not even a little bit sorry.


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