SYMHM: Turkeys and Christmas Trees Edition

by November 21, 2011 at 8:00 am 1,566 2 Comments

"Borderstan""P Street NW""Whole Foods"

Whole Food on the 1400 block of P Street: Yes, those are Christmas trees. (Luis Gomez Photos)

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Thanksgiving? No, Christmas. Apparently

Thanksgiving is this Thursday? Yes, that’s correct — better hurry to get your turkey. You didn’t miss it, so don’t get freaked out by the Christmas trees lining the Whole Foods on P Street… or the white lights in the tree in front of Bar 9 across the street (Logan Hardware is also brimming with Christmas decorations for sale). Of course the Christmas season starts well before Thanksgiving, and I am pretty sure that I saw Christmas stuff on sale somewhere in the neighborhood before we ever reached Halloween. Someone told me recently that in the days before the Internet, the Christmas season never got underway before Thanksgiving. How quaint.

Strap on Your Skates

It’s time! After a wonderful season of Jazz in the Sculpture Garden, it’s time to put your musical affinities aside and start warming up for those triple axels in the Sculpture Garden Ice Rink. This past weekend marked the opening of the season and you’ll be able to skate all winter long through the middle of March. In case you haven’t been before, yes, you can rent skates there — and I promise it’s fun, even if you have to clutch the sides the whole time like I do.

There’s a Day For That?

I’m aware that we create national days for pretty much whatever we want, but who knew that we missed National Adoption Day? The big day was held this past Saturday and WJLA has a really nice story about adoptions in the District. Your warm and fuzzy moment of the day: ‘”I’m just excited… that finally I got somebody to play with and I’m just excited that I’m getting adopted,” said 10-year-old Joshua.’

Occupy DC Occupies Franklin School

You guessed it — it’s another post about the infamous Occupy DC. Yesterday at 2 pm, the group took over the historic Franklin School at 13th and K Streets NW, according to Washington City Paper. They say they did so to protest the 2008 closure of a homeless shelter in the building. The building has remained vacant ever since. Oy.


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