Cab Fares: Double or Nothing?

by Borderstan.com November 30, 2011 at 2:00 pm 2 Comments


Cab fare hearings make for good political theater. (Photo by lightboxdc in Borderstan’s Flickr pool)

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What’s going on with cab fares in DC? Will they rise? Will it be double nothing?It seems the answer is, “somewhere in between.”

After Tuesday’s hearing, the DC Taxicab Commission did not vote to double the rates. The hearing was heated with many different proposals being offered.

Cab drivers complain the rates are lower in DC than surrounding areas (true)… hospitality industry spokespeople articulated the need for better service for a higher fare (seems reasonable)… and ANC 2B-04 Commissioner Jack Jacobson argued for credit card readers and environmentally friendly cabs (most people seem to agree with at least the first item).

Jacobson is the founder of DC Taxi Watch and the group put out a statement Tuesday. “Working with data and information from leading taxicab fleets around the country, DC Taxi Watch has developed a holistic 7-point plan for modernizing the District’s taxi industry,” said Jacobson. “In addition, we are proposing four revenue-raising initiatives that can be instituted without further gouging DC consumers, who already pay some of the highest flag drop and surcharge rates in the country.”

DC Taxi Watch has detailed proposals on taxi cab rate and service reforms.

So what’s the problem? Well, it is precisely the same issue facing Congress at the moment — how do you provide more without increasing the revenue, which is presumably necessary in order to make the upgrades to provide the more/better? If Commission Chairman Linton figures it out, he deserves a higher office.

DCist does a fantastic job of explaining the fact and fiction of the hearing. Their take on what is most likely to happen is an interim fare increase. During this time,  priorities should be (and note the word ‘should’) assessed by need and ‘stand a snowball’s chance in hell’ of actually happening in DC’s highly fractious taxicab world.

  • I’ve managed to live in the city for 7 years now and rarely take cabs anywhere. Honestly, what needs changing is the number of cabs on the streets. They are apparently unregulated in their numbers and for that I have to be stalked when I’m walking down the sidewalk by beeping cab drivers looking to pick up fares. It’s incredibly annoying.

  • Thanks for a great article…

    I wanted to bring to everyone’s attention that there is a new free iPhone app, TaxiTally, that allows riders to send complaints and violations (while they are still in the cab) directly to the DC Taxi Commission (as well as rating cab companies). Our hope is that as more and more people demand quality service through tools such as TaxiTally, we will begin to reform the quality of services that we expect (and now potentially at a higher price!).


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