SYMHM Missed: Planes, Bikes and Cars Edition

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Bike Rack, Q Street NW, Air Force Bands Euphonium and Tuba Quartet

Saturday afternoon: The Air Force Bands Euphonium and Tuba Quartet played holiday music in front of the The Bike Rack at 1412 Q Street NW. (B. Young)

From Mike Kohn. Got some news for Mike that he might have missed? Email him at [email protected] or find him on Twitter @mike_kohn.

Cheap Escapes

Good news for anyone who can get out of DC using JetBlue. WTOP reports that the airline has now purchased the landing rights to eight more slots at Reagan National Airport. We don’t yet know what new routes will be developed from the use of these spots, but this is definitely a big win for those of us who like cheap fares out of the city.

Ghost Bike Disappears

DCist reported that the ghost bike has intermittently been present at in the intersection of 20th and R Streets and Connecticut Avenue for the last three years has “gone on” — or, rather, erased. The bike, which was originally installed to mark the death of cyclist Alice Swanson in 2008, has been removed by the city every time it has reappeared on the grounds that all public memorials will be removed within 30 days. Apparently no one from the District had any comments on the matter.

Don’t Kill the Electric Car

TBD has the scoop on the new electric-vehicle charging stations that are going around the city. The first four have already debuted at Pentagon City, and a total of 47 are going to be installed around town (though it seems like most are outside the District itself), primarily located at other shopping meccas and Walgreens stores, among other locations. Think this’ll decrease our dependence on oil?

Bad Touch

Five students are suing Howard University for sexual assault and harassment by a university employee, according to WJLA. George Bright-Abu is now in jail on claims from supervisees that he gave them “unwanted touching, flirting, fondling and degrading propositions of a sexual nature.” The lawsuit also says that when victims reported charges to the university, Howard did nothing to protect them, though the university says they referred the claim to MPD and then terminated the case accordingly.


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