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Taxicab Commission Votes for Fare Hike

by Borderstan.com December 14, 2011 at 12:30 pm 1 Comment


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Washington City Paper shared the news of the vote on Tuesday. The Commission kept the base rate, or what you start off as a minimum fare, at $3 but increased the per mile rate by 65 cents.

Before you complain too much, note that the additional passenger surcharge is eliminated and taxicab modernization was also part of the vote. I have a hard time finding too much fault with the decision after reviewing the rates of Arlington County cabs.

May I also suggest that some of you that think all cab drivers are excessively rude and disingenuous attempt to have a conversation, a real chat, with your cab driver as a real person working for a living, just like you? I know it doesn’t always fix everything, but as my man Otis would say, you gotta try a little tenderness.

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  • Thierry

    I note that you do not say when the rates changes are to come into effect. I have just read the Taxicab Commission announcement of its decision and it does not contain an effective date either that I can see. Does anyone know when the adjustments in fares will occur?


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