Readers’ Picks: Top Lifestyle Stories of 2011

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Life in the neighborhood. (Luis Gomez Photos file photo)

Borderstan’s Lifestyle section was added as a home to our columnists who strive to give readers a look at life in the neighborhood, some tips on navigating downtown living, and some insights into what’s happening in the Borderstan area.

Laura Herman came first with her Weekend Picks of fun stuff in the neighborhood and was soon joined by Khelan Bhatia and his BorderStyle columns. We were then fortunate to have Tori Tyree start writing about all-things-pets for Borderstan, followed by Scott Leibowitz (Lebodome) who joined the lineup with a look at local sports and general outdoor stuff-to-do in DC.

Two more columnists who joined Borderstan later in 2011 were Mike Kohn, who quickly took over Urban Etiquette (and very much made it his column)… and finally, Candida Mannozzi, who shares her observations of life in the neighborhood with Borderstan Candids.

Two Special Shout-outs

  • Ashley Lusk wrote a two-part series in October on two couples who decided to stay in the neighborhood to raise their children, instead of departing for one of DC’s outer neighborhoods or the suburbs.
  • Eliza French, Kate Hays and Laura Herman did a series of feature stories in December on how to put together the perfect holiday outfit from local boutiques and stores.

Readers’ picks: Following are some of the most popular lifestyle columns from 2011 from our contributors.

Laura’s Weekend Picks: Laura Herman

  1. Laura’s Picks: Films, Liberation, Food Trucks, the “Charlie Sheen”
  2. Laura’s Weekend Picks: Mumford & Sons Tickets, Filmfest DC, BBQ, Beer
  3. Laura’s Weekend Picks in the Hood

Borderstan Candids: Candida Mannozzi

  1. Saying Goodbye: Here, You’d Best Get Used to It
  2. Borderstan Candids: The Curtain of Silence
  3. Thanksgiving: One Italian’s Perspective

Special Feature: Raising Your Kids Downtown

Special Feature: Fashion for the Holidays


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