SYMHM: Record Blues, Booze, Bad Timing and More

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Dupont Circle, Logan Circle, U Street NW, Borderstan

News from Dupont-Logan-U Street.

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Melody Records Owner Speaks Out

The Washington Examiner nabs a quick interview with Jack Menase, owner of Melody Records. They cut right to the chase, starting out the interview with the “why are you closing” question. Unfortunately, it’s been asked and answered, and it seems that record stores may be going the way of bookstores. In a day where your personal phone can let you preview music, download a book or follow playlists of everyone in your social network, it seems hard to fathom that our beloved indie hideaways stand much of a chance against pocket rocket tech.

Politics of Booze in DC

While Derek Brown plugs his own bar and a few other non-political bars, he does give some decent advice. In the “places that are old DC”, Dupont’s Tabard Inn makes the list in this piece by TVNZ. Yes, Derek is talking about local boozing to a New Zealand media outlet. The Gibson gets a plug as well for “local colour.”

Poor Timing for WMATA’s Fare Hike?

It may never be a good time to raise the Metro fares, but this may be particularly poor execution on their part. TBD chronicles all of their misadventures last week, from a suicide to stunning workday delays and a host of other issues. Now, after we’ve already found out that they essentially made up the length of time for escalator repair at Dupont Circle, they have advised us we can pay more for the pleasure of riding Metrorail. It made me think of this recent piece by the Washington Post on our previous system…which may or may not have been less reliable.

Pay Up, Disabled Motorists

If you are a disabled motorist, you have been able to park at meters for free. Not anymore. DDOT announced the policy change on Tuesday, citing widespread abuse of the policy as the reason for its repeal. New ‘red top’ meters will designate meters that serve disabled drivers; they still must feed the meter, but get twice the time. MyFOX broke the story and cited several downtown workers that said the excessive number of hang tags made it difficult to find parking for workers or customers.

Historic Shots of U Street

U Street Girl has some great snaps of what U Street looked like back in the day. She culled them down out of Lydia DePillis’ full link and interview with the Streets of DC author in the Washington City Paper. I know I’m a bit of sappy sentimentalist, but I think quite a few of these look much better than the buildings that took their place, either in construction or color choice. Hey pea green and mustard yellow complex by the 9:30 Club, I am side eyeing you. Hard.


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