Closer Look at PSA 305’s New Boundaries, Personnel

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MPD, PSA 305, DC Citizen Atlas

The new PSA 305 is smaller and more compact. (DC Citizen Atlas)

From Cody Telep. Follow him on Twitter @codywt, email him at [email protected].

As of January 1, the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) introduced new District and Police Service Area (PSA) boundaries (New Police Service Areas Take Effect January 1). Over the next few weeks, we’ll be doing brief overviews of the boundaries of the new PSAs and how to contact the police personnel in charge of each area, starting with PSA 305. (See Google map.)

The new PSA 305 is a slimmed down version of the old PSA 305, now essentially covering just the U Street corridor and surrounding streets (view Google map or map at DC Citizen Atlas).

Previously, PSA 305 included more of the area surrounding Howard University, which has been moved into newly created PSA 306. The southern boundary of PSA 305 is S Street NW and the northern boundary is Florida Avenue, NW/Barry Place, NW. East to West, PSA 305 extends from 7th Street, NW/Georgia Avenue, NW to 14th Street, NW. Aside from a small section in the northeastern part of the PSA, all of PSA 305 falls within the Borderstan coverage area.

PSA 305 Contacts

Lt. Daniel Harrington is the new PSA Lieutenant for 305 (former PSA 305 Lieutenant Alberto Jova is now the Lieutenant for PSA 306). Harrington returns to the Third District after beginning his career with MPD there in 1997. He can be reached by phone at 202-673-7404 (office) or 202-437-8073 (cell), or by email at [email protected].

Captain Andre Wright is now overseeing four PSAs in the Third District including PSA 305. He has been with MPD for 18 years, most recently working in PSA 403. Wright can be reached by phone at 202-671-6777 (office) or 202-587-3762 (cell), or by email at [email protected].

Commander Jacob Kishter continues to be the commander for the Third District, a position he has held in since December 2009. Commander Kishter can be reached by phone at 202-671-6600 (office) or 202-528-8612 (cell), or by email at [email protected].

All PSA community meetings have been cancelled for January, but residents will have an opportunity to meet the new PSA management team at a meet and greet in February (we’ll post information on the meeting as soon as it’s available).


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