Farmers Market Update: Don’t Like to Cook Edition

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"Borderstan" "Soup in a Bowl"

Check out the soups on Sunday at the Dupont Farmers Market. (Stephanie Willis)

From Stephanie Willis. Email her at [email protected], follow her on Twitter @shaw_girl.

Let’s face it. Not everyone finds cooking to be a form of relaxation. Perhaps you’ve burnt one too many pots and the fire department is tired of coming to your apartment. Or maybe the thought of schlepping into the kitchen and banging around with pots and pans just doesn’t get your motor running. It’s cool. Not everyone is meant to be the next great chef (I assume that’s a show on the Food Network). So it’s probably not surprising that you don’t head to the farmers market every week.  Who needs all those fresh veggies and meats staring at you judgmentally every time you open the refrigerator? Before you completely write off a morning jaunt to the Dupont Circle Farmers Market, check out these fantastic prepared meals you can pick up there!

  • The Mushroom Stand is highlighting their flavorful ‘shrooms in a variety of prepared ways this winter. The smell of their mushroom chili and soup float through the cold Sunday morning air and beckon you to try a taste. Sold in convenient little containers, you can heat a bowl up easily on a frosty winter’s evening for a quick and hearty meal.
  • Speaking of soups, Souper Girl is now selling her delightful concoctions at the Dupont Circle Farmers Market. Fresh, healthy and delicious, Souper Girl’s soups are also kosher! The soup menu is seasonal and ever changing, so there is always something new to try. And as the temperature drops, Souper Girl’s soups are heating up!
  • Smith Meadow Farms also has a variety of prepared foods to keep you warm throughout the week. They have soups covered (like Tuscan Bean Soup or Black Bean & Beef Chili), but they also have fresh, handmade raviolis and pasta sauces to go with them. You do have to boil some water to cook the raviolis, but I think you can handle it (I hope). They also have their take on a Scottish oat cake. Made with oats, spelt flour, pork lard from their grass fed pigs and herbs, these little cakes go well with their hearty soups. Ask if they have their chicken or beef pot pies at the market on Sunday. If they do, grab one because they go fast. Made with their very own beef and chicken, these pot pies put Swanson to shame.
  • Sunnyside Farm and Orchard always has a table full of fresh prepared foods using foods from their farm. The menu changes according to the seasons, but you’ll find a variety of hot soups (I love their soups featuring kale), dips, salsas and relishes.
  • Okay, so maybe soups aren’t your thing? Chris’ Marketplace has an array of heavenly empanadas to delight your appetite. Flaky crusts and perfectly seasoned fillings make a handy little lunch in a pouch. Pick up several at the market and have them for lunch throughout the week (maybe even with a side salad from Endless Summer Harvest).

As you can see, there are plenty of fresh, prepared foods at the Dupont Circle Farmers Market to get you through the cold week ahead! Stock up and give your kitchen a break. And the fire department.

And check out this article from Fresh Farm Markets about shopping farmers markets during the winter.


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