Yes, Readers, “Sh*t People in DC Say” Seems So Very Borderstan

by January 20, 2012 at 10:00 am 1,478 0

Borderstan, 14th Street NW, Luis Gomez Photos

14th Street NW: A perfect backdrop for Shit People in DC Say? (Borderstan file photo)

From Michelle Lancaster. Follow her and tell her your news on Twitter @MichLancaster or email her at [email protected].

Sh*t People in DC Say. Two things about this: one, this video is funny for the same reason all the others in the “Sh*t X People Say” series are — it is based in truth. Second, it seems to be very relevant to our coverage area of Dupont-Logan-U Street.

Let’s face it, this hood is loaded with the people, overheard conversations and stereotypes portrayed in the video on YouTube (it’s part of Living Social).

“What do you do?” and “Where are you from, originally?” How many times have you heard those? Not to mention, “They have the best brunch,” or “But H Street is, like, so hard to get to…”

You know these gems have popped out of your mouth, and you know you start conversations with, “So, where do you work?”

Just sayin’.


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