SYMHM: Taxi Colors, Pickles, Pronunciation Battles

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By Michelle Lancaster. Got news, a hot tip or want to complain about what is or isn’t in this? Let her know on Twitter @michlancaster or via email at[email protected].

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Should all DC taxis be the same color? Do we have bigger things to worry about? (One Photograph A Day)

Swift-ian Proposal for Color Coding DC

The DC City Council is considering a proposal that would end the multi-colored cabs in favor of a single color scheme. Why the change? Apparently, our out of town visitors get confused and the ‘taxi’ signs emblazoned on all the cabs is not quite enough for them.

Pretty ridiculous, right? Mike Causey thinks so, too and took to WTOP to discuss what else made sense using that logic. Color-coding neighborhoods, badges for MD-VA-DC drivers and jail jumpsuits for City Councilmembers as practice are just a few ‘ideas’ on his list. See more on the proposal in Alden Leonard’s SYMHM from Monday.

Pickles on U Street

U Street Girl has a fabulous post on a local business making pickles. Gordy’s Pickle Jar started in October and has already won second prize at the International Pickle Festival (which does exist). You can grab their pickles at Cork Market or Smucker’s Farm, or eat their fried pickle chips at the Science Club. They make the pickles in our neighborhood and sell them locally, and both live in the U Street area. Local pickled goodness? I’m dying to try them or the cocktails made with their brine at Peregrine!

Battle over Pronouncing McPherson, McLean, Etc.

Leave it to the nerds (and I mean that lovingly) over at WAMU to consult a Civil War historian to settle a question on a simple square in DC. That’s right, in their reporting on the Occupy protests at McPherson Square, the entire news room had a debate about whether it’s pronounced Mac-FEAR-son or MAC-fur-son. DCist doesn’t care for their decision — the fur version was deemed to be most correct. How do you pronounce it or do you just avoid the park and saying the name given the Occupiers?


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