Go See Pina, One of the Year’s Most Original Films

by Borderstan.com February 9, 2012 at 12:00 pm 1,247 0

Mary Burgan, Borderstan Movie FanFrom Mary Burgan. Email her at [email protected].

Take my advice and go over to Georgetown to see Pina as soon as you can. It is one of the most original films of this year — or any year, for that  matter!

Pina is a biographical study by Wim Wenders of the work of Pina Bausch, a German dancer and choreographer. I should note, though, that Pina’s art cannot be classified under one nationality. Hers is a world of many nationalities, and none is favored over another.

Don’t expect a straightforward story. Pina’s life and achievement — the two are one and the same–unfold almost wordlessly through motion, music, and abstract, stripped-down settings. As Wenders shows in his brilliant shots of the dancers in various of their collaborations,  the movements they call forth from their well-trained bodies are expressive of the deepest desires and fears in human experience.

I was eager to see Pina because I became enchanted with the bits of Bausch’s choreography that were integrated into Pedro Almodovar’s wonderful film, Talk to Her, several years ago (2002 from ). Pina has less story than Talk to Her, or, rather, its story is less a narrative than the enactment of a range of feelings.

The film is really indescribable, so I won’t try to describe it any more, except to say that it’s important to watch Pina with all the openness you can muster. Be patient. Don’t force interpretation. Let the passion, sorrow, grace, wit, beauty, and wisdom of Pina’s choreography enrich your own sense of being in the world.

Pina has been nominated for an Oscar as best documentary film of 2011. Because it’s in 3-D, the film is only being shown in theaters that have the appropriate screening sites. AMC Loews Georgetown, is the only 3-D site  in our area that has booked the film. Pina was sold out on its first weekend there, but it will only run at Georgetown for the next several weeks — until the audience runs out.


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