Lanier Joins Effort to Stem Smartphone Thefts; Tech Component Vital

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It happens around Borderstan (Luis Gomez Photos)

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The Washington Post reported last week that DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier is joining the growing national effort by law enforcement agencies to stem the rise in mobile device theft. Police departments nationwide are urging phone manufacturers, network operators and the Federal Communications Commission to use available technology to combat thieves who are able to quickly resell stolen phones and tablet computers.

“Lanier — who says electronics-related crimes has “clobbered” her department — wants wireless companies to use existing technology to let people who report stolen phones ask their service providers to shut them down using IMEI numbers, a unique registration akin to a fingerprint,” told The Post. It’s a good read over at The Post and worth your time to check out the entire story.

If you follow our crime stories from Cody Telep, you will know that smartphone theft accounts for a big chunk of the crime in the Borderstan neighborhoods. Remember to be aware of your surroundings, don’t leave your phone on a table while at an outdoor café and avoid using your phone while on the street.

You’d have to believe that our area is a prime target for smartphone thefts. Think about it: How many people do you know with an expensive iPhone or Droid — yourself included?

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