Farmers Market Report: How Does Your Garden Grow?

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Spring is in the air. Should you start your home garden? (Stephanie Willis).

From Stephanie Willis. Email her at stephanie[AT], follow her on Twitter @shaw_girl.

Much to this snow lover’s chagrin, we have had a pretty mild Winter here in Borderstan. So much so, I didn’t get to use my cute new texting gloves. But I appear to be in the minority when it comes to my disappointment in Old Man Winter this year.

Everyone is buzzing about the hints of spring in the air. And I must admit, the mild weather has me thinking about trying my hand at gardening again this year. But starting a garden, even a small balcony one, requires a little bit of planning and research. Since spring is already making cameo appearances, why not head down to Dupont Circle Farmers Market for some inspiration?

There are several flower and plant vendors at the market who can help you decide how your garden will grow. Or, if you’re like me, help you pick a pretty arrangement that will get you in the mood for Spring. Without leading to the tragic death of innocent plants.

  • Located in Brookeville, Maryland, Farmhouse Flowers and Plants boasts an expansive array of flowers, annuals, perennials and herbs for your home and garden. Even the most inexperienced gardeners can find something they won’t kill among their vast selection. On Sundays during the spring and summer, I love nothing more than picking up a beautiful bouquet of flowers for our table. And spring and summer brides take note: you can pick your own flowers straight from their farm for your bridal and bridal party bouquets!
  • The bright yellow sunflowers at Four Seasons Nursery are like a siren call to me during the summer. Four Seasons Nursery is five acres of annuals, perennials, herbs and house plants in Charlestown, West Virginia. I love looking through their selection of house plants and cuttings but I fear my lack of experience will mean their demise. But don’t let inexperience scare you away from finding just the right plant for you. They are always happy to answer any questions you have about their plants and flowers.
  • Bob Wollam is the force behind Wollam Gardens, 11 acres of beautiful bushes, perennials and annuals. Bob’s love of gardening is obvious to anyone who talks with him for more than five minutes. He is always delighted to talk about the best methods for growing a specific variety, even during the bustling market days of Summer. Although they primarily sell cut flowers at Dupont Circle Farmers Market, make sure to ask for some gardening advice while you pick out an arrangement.
  • If you love orchids, Floradise Orchids is your paradise. Their Gordonsvillie, Virginia farm is home to a dizzying array of orchids, from the common to the exotic. Stopping by their booth at Dupont Circle is like stepping into a tropical dream. Their arrangements are sought out by businesses and prominent private citizens throughout the DC area. But we’re lucky enough to have them right at our own market!  Pick up some tips for growing orchids while you pick out a beautiful display for your home.
  • Anchor Nursery has a little bit of everything – seasonal vegetables, flowers and plants! Their farm in Galena, Maryland boasts 150 acres of vegetables, plants, trees, herbs and perennials. Talk about one stop farming! While you’re getting your umpteenth Winter squash this Sunday, find out more about the different variety of plants they offer.

Make sure to ask around at these vendors for advice about your spring garden this Sunday. A little bit of knowledge and a lot of finger crossing is the key to a successful garden. I hope.

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