A Borderstan Bride’s Guide to the Big Day: First Step, Venue

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A Borderstan bride’s list of wedding locations in the Dupont-Logan-U Street NW area. (Luis Gomez Photos)

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I’m getting married. In Borderstan. Because I love this neighborhood and I wanted to have a hyper-local wedding. And my gift to you, to this entire city, is to show you how almost your whole wedding can happen here. Today we’ll kick off with several places in our neighborhood where you can hold a righteous reception (and ceremony too!).

TIP: Unless your guests are taking public transportation, you’ll probably want to look at hiring a valet service for your big day. You’ll also want to check in with the National Park Service to make note of any special permits you’ll need to get married on public lands.

Here’s a breakdown of locations in the Dupont, Logan and U Street areas.

Dupont Circle Locations

The Whitmore House. Home to the Women’s Democratic National Party, this location has an aura of history; it was, after all, the place where Eleanor Roosevelt gave her weekly radio addresses to the nation. You can have both your wedding and reception in this grand house, plus they’re pals with some great local caterers. This location at Whitmore House is key — it is just a few blocks from the Dupont Circle metro stop.

Hillyer Art Space. This is a fun place for a small, eclectic wedding–and you can guarantee that your wedding will be unlike any other because the art in this space shifts monthly. The location hosts about 75 people sitting and is a short walk from the Dupont Circle Metro.

Tabard Inn. Choosing The Tabard Inn for your event makes picking a reception menu so easy. Event Rooms can accommodate a maximum of 56 people for a seated, plated function and a maximum of 100 people for a standing reception style.

Dupont Circle Hotel. The Dupont Circle Hotel can host weddings from 20 to 250 guests in one of their grand ballrooms, or can accommodate your rehearsal dinner at Café Dupont. A look at their wedding packages has prices that start at $120 per person.

Textile Museum. The Textile Museum has a beautiful outdoor venue, that frankly, isn’t going to need many additional decorations. The venue starts at $3,500, which is a steal, but forget the BBQ — this location does not allow red food or red wine.

There are several restaurants in the neighborhood that accommodate private events like wedding receptions, but know that you’ll be paying top dollar for these locations to close their doors to the public during high traffic time.

  • Darlington House
  • One Lounge
  • Agora
  • Beacon Bar and Grille
  • Firefly
  • Mandu
  • Palm
  • Restaurant Nora  (Source: Open Table)

Logan Circle Locations

Hotel Rouge. For a wedding that shows off your urban savvy, but leaves the details to the professionals, consider Hotel Rouge.

Fathom Gallery. If you knew that this space existed, you’ve got one over on me. This beautiful gallery has the one commodity that you can’t find at any of the other locations on this: a roof. deck. Sign on the dotted line with your fiancé, immediately.

Carnegie Institution for Science. If you have a lot of extra cash lying around, my bet for an elegant DC wedding is the Carnegie Institution for Science. This historic building can accommodate up to 160 people for your wedding and ceremony. Rental costs start at $5,200.

U Street

Busboys & Poets. Hands down, one of the most authentic places to have your reception or rehearsal dinner is Busboys & Poets. Their socially conscious murals provide an interesting backdrop when your Dad hops up on the mini-stage and recites “Butterfly Kisses” by heart.

Meridian House. This location, just across from Meridian Hill Park, can host 200 people and still have room for a dance floor. One of the most expensive locations I’ve found in all of the District, it’s going to cost you $12,000 to have your wedding here in the high season and a mere $8,000 in the dead of winter.

For smaller private parties (such as rehearsal dinner), check out Marvin, Vinoteca or Policy.

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