The Klingons Among Us; Auditions in Dupont for Artisphere Show

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Klingons in Dupont Circle on Saturday afternoon: The two men in Klingon dress are from an organization called The Imperial Klingon Battle Fleet. At center is Marc Okrand, an Adams Morgan resident, who created the Klingon language in 1984. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Matty Rhoades and Luis Gomez.

It’s not every Saturday you get a chance to see some Klingons in Dupont Circle. But several did show up in hopes of being selected for parts in WSC Avant Bard’s presentation of “Shakespeare in Klingon II” at Artisphere in Rosslyn on Saturday, March 4. (For you hard-core DCites, it’s just across the river on Wilson Boulevard in Arlington).

According to WSC Managing Director Kyle Jean Fisher, two to four of the Klingons who showed up Saturday will be selected for roles in the show, which will be in the Klingon language. What, you say? If you are not a true Trekkie, you may not know that there is a Klingon language. In fact, the creator of Klingon-speak lives in Adams Morgan and his name is Marc Okrand, a linguist. And if you don’t know who the Klingons even are, then Wikipedia has a great history of Klingons and their part in the Star Trek TV shows and movies.

“Klingon was created in Adams Morgan in 1984. I did it for the 1984 movie, “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock,” said Okrand. He also created a Vulcan language, although it is “much more limited, with fewer words, than Klingon.”

We spoke with one of the two men pictured above in full Klingon regalia — Burad Joh ‘aj is his Klingon name and he is at far left in the above photo. He explained that they were from a Maryland chapter of Klingon devotees, The Imperial Klingon Battle Fleet. We suspect he made the cut for the March 4 production at Artisphere.

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