Update on Biker Injured in Tuesday’s U Street Accident

by Borderstan.com March 2, 2012 at 1:00 pm 3 Comments

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The bike-truck accident occurred Tuesday at 11th and U Streets NW. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Dcist has an update on the status of the biker who was hit by a trailer truck on Tuesday at 11th and U Streets NW.

According to DCist, “Shawn Streiff, the cyclist who was hit by a truck while riding a Capital Bikeshare bike near 11th and U Streets NW, remains in the hospital after the Wednesday morning accident. He also faces three tickets in the wake of the crash, one for running a red light and another for not wearing a helmet.”

The DCist story includes a comprehensive picture of the tragedy with information about Streiff. The story also has information on how to make donations to help Streiff with his recovery.

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  • M

    I hope he gets better. The description of the accident (DCist) was pretty awful. I think this incident should serve as a reminder to cyclists NOT TO RUN RED LIGHTS and for drivers to check their right side before turning right, even when the driver has the right of way, as was the case in this accident.

  • MiCoBa

    I have a feeling that both motorist and cyclist might have been trying to beat a red light and that’s how the driver didn’t “see him” before trying to complete a quick right turn and the byclicst was peddling hard through a yellow light not giving him time to react to the truck. If an officer thinks you’re proceeding through a yellow light and not slowing down, you’ll get a ticket as if you ran a solid red light.

  • nastystreet

    U Street is a mess. The sidewalks are a disgrace, too narrow and all broken up. The city needs to (1) plan for a street car line down the middle, widen the sidewalks, and put in a 2-way dedicated bike lane by one of the curbs. Of course, I believe in the tooth fairy, too.


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