Borderstan Candids: The Joys of Early Spring in DC

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From Candida Mannozzi. You can reach her at candida[AT] Featured photo by Candida Mannozzi: A hyacinth in bloom on Corcoran Street NW.

As the weather has been granting us sunnier and warmer days and as the bulbs and first flowers push through the brown-grey winter soil, I am feeling gratitude and cheer spreading in my heart.

This may, in large part, also be due to my having come home from nine days in New York City, where the academic non-profit organization I work for held its annual meeting. The event was exciting, our largest yet (with over 8,700 attendees) and New York proved to be a wonderful, responsive and accommodating venue.

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Daffodils often bloom in March in DC, but this early? (Candida Mannozzi)

So, as I (literally) poured out of the return train to DC and made my weary way home four days ago, I felt a mix of elation and exhaustion at having been a part of this intense event. At the same time, I felt blue and was missing Manhattan, which I have always had a soft spot for.

One of the most noticeable things upon my return was how early spring has come this year to DC. Flowers are blooming a month ahead of schedule, and some of the cherry trees in the neighorhood are already in a full state of pink blossoms.

Since my return, I’ve been resting and recouping, enjoying the weather, taking things easy; and at the eve of returning to the office this week, I find I have to declaim (yes, the Italian in me will not settle for less!) my gratitude for our neighborhood and the way it pampers and accommodates us.

Borderstan, we have a fantastic little enclave here! I’ve been able to sleep in on weekday mornings without suffering major traffic or construction noise, I’ve been to four yoga classes of very different kinds (my hips are rather testily pointing this fact out to me), I’ve stocked up on fresh, healthy vittles at the Whole Foods and farmers markets.

I’ve taken long walks in the neighborhood, enjoying some of our green space and easy forays into the many diverse shops, whether just for a quick look or a more thorough browse. I felt free and safe as I wandered Borderstan, seeing people and pets on the sidewalks, overhearing snippets of conversations, and picking up on what seems to have been a universal good vibe in our ‘hood, this early spring weekend.

It feels good to live here! So, at the risk of being accused of adding special ingredients to my drinking water, I will leave you with a heartfelt hooray for how refreshing, stimulating and accommodating Borderstan is. It’s not a given, to live in a city neighborhood that can allow us so easily to rest and recoup, but also to satisfy our needs for meaningful, creative stimulation in its retail shops, theaters, clubs, restaurants and public spaces.

I hope we can continue to support all the friends and neighbors who make our ‘hood what it is. Thanks to everyone in Borderstan for doing their part!

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