Special Parking Permit Zones for Residents Coming to Logan Circle?

by Borderstan.com March 8, 2012 at 7:45 am 1,223 6 Comments

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While your neighborhood cred may not help you get a table at Estadio, it may help you park your car, if Councilmember Jack Evans (D-Ward 2) has his way. With the explosive growth in the Logan Circle area — both residential and restaurant/retail — local residents are having a tough time finding enough spots for their cars at the curb.

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Residents with parking permits may get preference on one side of certain residential streets in the Logan Circle area. (One Photograph A Day)

DCist reports that the pilot program, as currently envisioned by Evans, will restrict one side of the included area streets for cars with a residential parking sticker, all day, every day. The other side of certain streets will have restricted areas for non-residents without parking permit zones.

The measure is slated to be introduced shortly, and ANC 2F will discuss the proposal at their meeting this evening at the Washington Plaza Hotel at 7 pm. It appears there is support for the measure, which resembles a program in place for Eastern Market residents as well as parts of Ward 1.

Borderstan’s Tom Hay will be at tonight’s ANC 2F meeting and we will have a report for you on Monday.

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  • M

    Yes. FINALLY!!! First, let me say that I love the transformation that has happened on 14th St. I have nothing against the businesses on 14th or their customers, but it really annoys me that I pay a lot in taxes, rent, and car insurance to live here but I have to drive around for an hour (or more) to try to find a spot because they have all been taken by drivers from MD, VA, or other part of the city. Basically, if you’re not home by 6PM, you’re SOL. By 7 or 8 on Friday and Saturday nights, even all the illegal spots are gone. If you park on the street in Borderstan, you’re life revolves around when you will be able to find a spot. Also, I think the city is partially responsible for the parking situations by not requiring developers to include adequate parking in their plans.

    I’m sure all the businesses are going to TOTALLY fight this (and I don’t blame them) but I hope they lose. The needs of residents should come first.

    I know this is off topic but having a Zone 2 sticker comes in VERY handy in Georgetown ;^)

    • Hal9000

      Welcome to city life, and here’s a newsflash: not everyone is entitled to Doris Day parking just because they happen to live in the neighborhood. If you don’t want to compete for parking spaces in Borderstan, one option is to go on Craigslist and find a parking space from someone who is renting it. The going rate is about $200 to $225 per month. A much simpler option would be to just get rid of your car.

      • M


        Doris Day parking??? LOL! Sorry, but I don’t drive a Model T.

        1. I don’t think you drive or you would know how bad the problem is. It’s not a question of parking right in front or even on the same block, but a six block radius would be nice. Having to park deep into Shaw is not pleasant. The parking situation wasn’t nearly this bad when I moved into the neighborhood. The parking has gotten steadily worse as more businesses and condos have moved in. I’m grateful for the transformation of the neighborhood, but I think residents’ needs should come first. Obviously the city agrees with me or RPPs would not exist. However, in classic DC government style, the current hours of enforcement are not the times when Borderstan parking gets tight.

        2. I’m glad that you think nothing of committing to an extra $225 a month for a spot, but some of us are not as fortunate as you.

        3. I need my car to get to work. Public transportation cannot get me to work.

        4. I highly suspect you either own or work at one of the businesses in Borderstan and have an ulterior motive.

        Thank you for playing and please try again!

        Doris Day parking? Hahahahahaha!!!

  • @nodecomms

    As much as Evans’ proposed parking changes are a small step in the right direction – just making resident only parking on one side of the street will make little difference to us here in the Logan Circle/14th St area. The issue for us is not just people from the burbs coming in to play – it’s much bigger than that. The issue we face is a plethora of new developments adding to the parking burden because they aren’t required to provide onsite parking. Until parking requirements for new development approvals are tightened this situation will only get worse. And when I say “new developments” I include conversions of existing buildings.

    I’ve number crunched the impact of three new developments in and around my block (1400 bock of R Street). These are the two on the corner of 14th & R and the new one where AYT repair shop is currently located. I haven’t included the proposed City Union Mission because they’re still silent about the number of units in that development. The guys in the AYT condo won’t have resident only unlimited street parking availability at all as they’ve 14th St at the front and an alley at the rear of their building.

    So for my block the number of cars potentially being added to our parking situation is, using one car per unit: 32 at the Aston (18 parking spots included in the development), and 36 at Northern Exchange = 50 cars). Add to this say 30 cars for the AYT condo building and you get potentially 80 new cars daily competing for the 10 spots which are located outside of the two new condos. That’s pretty dire! So “one-side of the street” unlimited parking will not make one bit of difference to us.

    • M

      Thanks for the insight NC. I think 1 car per unit may be an overestimate. I know lots of car-free people in Borderstan. I know 3 people who got rid of their cars when zip car came to town. I would love to be car-free but it is the only way I can get to work. I think 0.5 or 0.75 cars per unit is more accurate, but your point is still valid.

      Basically, I think the problem is being caused by the city. The city government seems to have this utopian vision of everyone riding bikes or taking public transit and being car-free. To further this cause, the city lets developers get away with providing far fewer parking spots than are needed. With more condos going up, the problem will only get worse. Then the traffic will get worse because everyone is driving around for hours looking for a spot. Think 18th St in Adams Morgan on a Saturday night. That’s what 14th is starting to look like.

      1400 R St.? I wonder if the people moving into those units will know who their neighbors are.

      • @nodecoms

        M: Your points are valid but even adjusted the parking situation is god awful. Re my block, I assume you’re alluding to its reputation? The 1400 block of R has come a long way since its days as a known trouble spot. Residents on both sides of the block, and those in Johnson St have worked together with MPD and DC politicians to implement a better quality of life for all. For us that means no noise on the street after 11pm weeknights and no drug activity. Thus far it’s moving forward very well.

        I note no one’s rating the 1600 block of R as bad yet they had an apartment-based meth lab explode recently. The crime rate on the 1400 block is less than the rest of the area – yes you read correctly. I know people will come back to this posting with “but that shooting recently”. Did you know both the shooter and the one shot came from Columbia Heights? One followed the other here then shot him. Could have happened anywhere the guy stopped still for a few minutes. Others will talk about seeing police cars in the street. As far as visible police presence, I welcome MPD patroling our area. They’re patroling the whole of the greater 14th St and U St area now due to the rise in robberies of people with i-devices. And in any case, I feel safer walking down my block than on 14th St between U and Florida at night and if you check out crime you’ll see the closer it gets to U the worse it gets. My 2c on this block.


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