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DC’s Population Boom

by Borderstan.com March 15, 2012 at 8:00 am 1,144 3 Comments

By Michelle Lancaster. You can follow her and let her know your news on Twitter @MichLancaster. Email her at michellel[AT]borderstan.com.

Well, reporting on the recent studies on cost of living and parking has prompted followers on Twitters to accuse me of being on drugs.

Look, I just report the news as I see fit, and I try to let you decide the veracity of the reports and my reporting. So if the haters are going to hate, chew on this: according to the 2010 census, DC experienced the fastest population growth in the nation. This ‘sketchy fact’ is brought to you by Social Studies DC. It’s not clear how that math was calculated, but Mayor Gray’s office reported the same infoback in December. (And no, I am not on drugs. Wine, well, then I plead the Fifth.)

Borderstan, Luis Gomez Photos, Church St.

Church Street NW is now residential; it used to be mostly auto repair shops less than 10 years ago. Ward 2’s population grew 16% between 2000 and 2010. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Besides, have you noticed all the new condo and rental buildings that have gone up in Logan, U Street and now Shaw in the past few years? The population boom is all around us, if you live in this neighborhood. Check out the related posts below, if you don’t believe me.

A lot of the growth was right here in the Borderstan area, with Ward 2’s population increasing 16% from 2000 to 2010, while Ward 1’s population grew by 4%, most of that in the U Street corridor.

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  • dcdc

    from my perspective on the street, it certainly seems like the city’s population has exploded. or at least have shifted drastically to people that go out and about a lot, and are much younger. and with a lot more disposable cash.

  • M

    Yea! I hope the transformation of the district continues. It has gone from a national disgrace (Murder Capital) to a wonderful place to live, work, shop, and dine. People actually WANT to live in the District now. Anyone who remembers what 14th Street used to be like compared to what it’s like now knows exactly what I’m talking about.

    I know. I know…the “G” word. I don’t care. I think the changes rock.

  • Chris

    We are not so much displacing long-time residents as adding to our ranks. The newcomers to the city are quite a quite a bit different than the long-time residents. Ground zero for social observation in the “Yes!” organic store just up from 14th and U. In the end, we will have lost something and gained something.


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