TWB Poo: Borderstan Welcomes New Columnist Leslie Jones

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Borderstan welcomes Leslie Jones to our team of contributors. A resident of the Dupont-Logan area, she and her husband decided to stay in the neighborhood, in a 2-bedroom apartment, after the arrival of their daughter. No outer neighborhoods or suburbs, yet, for Leslie. She will be writing every two weeks for Borderstan. Look for her columns: TWB Poo (There Will Be Poo) about urban motherhood.

From Leslie Jones. You can email her at leslie[AT]

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Borderstan is, in my experience, a great place to be a new mom. At some point during my pregnancy I freaked out and decided that we had to have a house with a big yard before the baby arrived, which would have meant moving out of our neighborhood. I spent hours looking at houses online and even dragged my belly to several open houses. For a number of reasons, buying a house at that time wasn’t a realistic option.

"Borderstan" "Leslie Jones"

Leslie Jones: “This was me in Peru, before becoming a mom.” (Leslie Jones)

I came to accept that fact and now I’m so glad that we stayed where we are. We’ve lived in Borderstan for five years and I love everything about this community.

I have grocery stores, dry-cleaners, wine shops, restaurants, bars, clothing stores, gyms, bookstores, art galleries, and music venues, all within a few blocks of my home. My friends who live in other areas of DC have a difficult time getting me out of my neighborhood. Why would I leave when I have everything I need here?

Now that I have a six-month old daughter, having all of those things so close by has become even more important to me. I take Baby on long walks, and I feel like I’m still a part of this city and that I’m not so far removed from my old life. I am, for now, staying home with my daughter.

It is an amazing and wonderful experience, but it can be isolating. The fact that I can meet friends for lunch or take my daughter to an art gallery without having to load up the car, drive somewhere, and find parking is pretty awesome.

I’m still exploring Borderstan and learning about all of the opportunities offered here for parents and their children. I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences with you.

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