Batch 13 Liquor Store Coming to 14th Street

by Borderstan.com April 8, 2012 at 5:35 am 1,698 8 Comments

"Borderstan""Batch 13"

A  New Belgium Brewing  sign and trademark bike are in the window at 1724 14th Street NW. The liquor license application was filed under the Batch 13 name. (Luis Gomez Photos)

The sign and liquor license application for Batch 13 is up at 1724 14th Street NW. In the front window is a New Belgium Brewing sign promoting the brewery, which is based in Fort Collins, Colorado. It includes a bicycle in the window, which is part of the company’s logo. But, the liquor license application in the side window lists the applicant as Batch 13. Borderstan has contacted New Belgium Brewing and Batch 13 to determine if there will be direct connection between the liquor store and the brewery. Or is it a promo by Batch 13 for the store? (If so, a very catchy and clever one.)

"Borderstan""Batch 13""14th Street NW"

The liquor liquor license application for a liquor store. (Luis Gomez Photos)

DCBeer.com first reported last August that the craft beer brewery’s brands — which include Fat Tire Pale Ale — would be available in DC-area stores. The company (employee owned) announced last week that it is opening a second brewery in Asheville, North Carolina. Then, the Prince of Petworth reported October 11 that Batch 13 would open a liquor store in the space.

The 14th Street storefront location was formerly home to the Dogs by Day dog daycare center. Dogs by Day and Green Pets (which was located in the storefront to the south) moved to 1711 Florida Avenue NW and now operates under the Planet Pets name.

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  • Larry

    I heard that the owners of D’vines in Columbia Heights and De Vinos in Adams Morgan are the local people behind this.

    • Larry — Thanks.

    • Jon

      I have a couple of friends who are bartenders on 14th, and they’ve heard from wine reps that this is going to be another wine focused store but is going to offer liquor/beer as well.

      • Thanks for the tip! Appreciated.

      • keith

        Why another wine store in such close proximity to the others in the neighborhood? Wouldn’t you go a little further north where there is huge development going on. Even with liqour or beer, we have Barrel House and Savon just a couple of blocks away and a huge beer selection, unless they are doing small specialty craft beers soley, at Whole Foods. Seems landords are capitalizing on the corridor’s popularity and are courting alcohol venues who assumedly can pay a higher rents. Problem is we lose some of the uniqueness that small places like Mimilah, Hunted House and Reicarnations brought to the streetscape of 14th. I wonder if in 5ive years we’re going to look like Claredon…

    • John — Thanks. We’re trying to determine, as noted, exactly what the relationship will be with the brewery. Appreciate the link. — The editors

  • Alex

    Wishful thinking, it would be nice if there was a New Belgium specific store, I love their stuff. But the presence of a neon advert doesn’t signify corporate affiliation. If that’s the case, then Budweiser and Coors apparently own a chain of liquor stores around the country.


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