Lebodome: DC Sports Leagues and College Alumni on Local Fields

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A soccer game on the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol. (Luis Gomez Photos)

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DC has a lot of unique qualities when it comes to the demographics of its residents, especially in the Borderstan area (aka completely dissimilar to the rest). One of the qualities that always caught my eye was the high variety of college alumni populating the area.

I mean if you got a degree in Political Science, the logistical move is of course go to DC and hope an internship turns into a job (boy, reality is a bitch sometimes). With all these people in the area, it has led to the creation of probably the most competitive league in the city, Capital Alumni Network (CAN).

The Capital Alumni Network

For anyone who was an active intramural participant during their college years, this is about as close as you will get to that feeling of competitiveness and serious play that you tasted then. This is not kickball or shuffleboard where heavy drinking is a part of league play.

The sports include 8 on 8 flag football, 5 on 5 full court basketball, full softball, volleyball and soccer. All of the sports have some sort of “# of girls required on the field” at any time to make sure it’s inclusive. There are also rules limiting the number of varsity athletes you are allowed, so the Kentucky team can’t load the court with their famous ‘one-and-done’-ers.

Now for those who might say, “Well I went to a huge Division 1 school and didn’t even like them that much,” you can actually join any team you want as not every school can fill a roster, so there is flexibility. I played on my brother’s college’s basketball team for the last two years and have had a blast.

Some schools have large alumni showings in DC due to proximity, but for others it’s a great way to organize and meet new people. The skill level varies from sport to sport, but I will say this is league is taken a bit more seriously, so if you are looking for easygoing afternoon activity, try the ski-ball league.

Overall, big fan of CAN mostly because of how official and how organized these leagues tend to be. Definitely worth a try for anyone out there.

Playoff Time!

So our local Washington Capitals snuck into the NHL playoffs and will be facing off against the defending champions and always tough Boston Bruins in round 1. As I have mentioned in previous columns, this is the best team in the city, and I am sure the bars in town will be great atmospheres to watch. Support our ‘Caps, and Rock the Red!

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