What’s Orange and Black and Bruised All Over?

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The owner of Black and Orange, a popular local burger place at 14th and U NW, has been through the wringer with DC licensing restrictions and bares all in his interview with the Washington Blade. (See Black and Orange Opens at 14th and U.)

"Borderstan""Black & Orange""Raymold Mendizabal"

Chef and owner Raynold Mendizabal at the opening of Black & Orange in January. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Raynold Mendizabal went through legal proceedings with Rogue States, the precursor to Black and Orange. Unfortunately, his opponents objecting to the burger smell were a well-known law firm. This time, Mendizabal has been working to obtain a liquor license and regulatory approval for a sidewalk patio area.

While you may argue with Mark Lee’s favoring of the business owner over concerns of local residents, it seems difficult to conclude that the existing license and regulation system is working. For example, the nearby McDonald’s is allowed to operate 24/7. No, they do not serve alcohol (although they may serve those who have consumed it and think a Big Mac is a great 3 am idea).

But clearly an extended hours Black and Orange would still be required to observe the liquor laws, and serve only food after the booze cut-off times. Whether the protesters were aware of this, don’t care and object to late-night places in general, or simply hate the idea of more liquor licenses on the street is unclear. We do hope they inform us soon.

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