Saturday: Rummage Sale and Recycling at Ross; 17th Street Cleanup

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17th, Street, NW,

Time for spring cleanup of the tree boxes on 17th Street NW. Pictured: Sarah from OLD CITY green doing fall maintenance work last October. (Borderstan file photo)

The Urban Neighborhood Alliance and Ross Elementary School PTA are hosting a neighborhood spring cleanup and rummage sale on Saturday, April 28 from 9 am to 2 pm. The rummage sale will be at Ross Elementary School, 1730 R Street NW. You can also bring items for recycling — ones that are more difficult to recycle, such as electronics, paint cans, batteries and light bulbs.

In addition, it will be clean-up day on 17th Street NW, with volunteers picking up trash and cleaning and tending the tree boxes between New Hampshire Avenue and P Street NW. Stonewall Sports and OLD CITY green have donated the mulch for the tree boxes along 17th. After the cleanup, volunteers are invited to Local 16’s outdoor patio for complimentary drinks and pizza (New Hampshire Avenue side of Local 16, which is at 1602 U Street NW).

Book a Table and Sell Your Stuff

There are only 50 tables to rent out with 2 chairs at each table. Tables are given on a first come, first served basis. Reservations for tables will only be given to Ward 2 residents (professional vendors are not allowed to book tables).

To book at table: Please send the following information to Sarah at sb.gilmore[AT] (1) Your Name, (2) Home Address (must be a Ward 2 resident) and (3) Phone Number. You will receive a response confirming that a table is available and providing instructions for paying via PayPal.  Reservation is not complete until payment has been received!

Recycling and Waste Disposal

  • Get rid of old paint cans, batteries, light bulbs, and other waste!
  • Recycle old electronics (laptops to printer cartridges) and help the Ross PTA raise money.
  • Dump your bulk trash items without having to arrange a pickup!
  • Shred all those papers piled up on your desk at our shredding station!

Neighborhood Cleanup and Beautification

  • Help your neighbors pick up trash in flower boxes and along the sidewalk.
  • Water and fertilize the flower boxes along 17th Street.

For more information about recycling and the the 17th Street cleanup, contact Jesse at neighborhoodcleanupDC[AT]

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