I’ll Take Professor Plum with Meningitis on a Metrobus

by Borderstan.com April 26, 2012 at 10:00 am 1,362 0

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"Borderstan""U Street NW"

The ill Metro bus driver was working the 52 and 54 lines last Friday morning on 14th Street NW. (Cody Telep, file photo)

Just when you thought your biggest worry was the bus actually showing up, here’s some scary news. Metro issued a viral meningitis warning for the 14th Street bus line.

Huffington Post broke the story on Monday that a driver working the 14th Street to L’Enfant Plaza morning shift was diagnosed with viral meningitis. Apparently it was the 52 and 54 lines.

(And if you don’t understand my reference to Professor Plum, read up!)

The operator is clearly not working any longer and is recovering; the bus was removed from service to be sanitized. Other buses in the Northern Division were also sanitized.

Viral meningitis is not typically fatal and most adults with a good immune system recover within a week or so. But if you rode the 52 or 54 on Friday morning and feel ill, see the doctor!

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