We All (Can) Have (More) Blue Crabs!

by Borderstan.com May 1, 2012 at 8:00 am 1,149 0

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An abundance of blue crabs this year. (One Photograph A Day)

Climate change (whether you believe it’s man-made, caused by same-sex marriage or Lindsay Lohan, or just barometric pressure mixed with fossil fuels) brought us a mild winter, which was enjoyable.

But it continues to give to our region, as the warm winter and conservation measures have brought a bounty crop of blue crabs. The population is up more than 60 percent, as reported by DCist. For more information, check out the Chesapeake Bay Program website.

So go track down some soft shells (we prefer ours sautéed rather than fried), eat some crab cakes (broiled, not fried) or just pick some crabs (lots of Old Bay, beer and patience).

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