Galleries: Two Closings and an Opening Exhibition this Weekend

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Borderstan Galleries (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Luis Gomez. Catch his photos on Picplz and at One Photograph A Day. Follow him on Twitter @LuisGomezPhotos.

Exhibitions Closing

Exhibitions Opening

  • At Hillyer Art Space, “Erin Bernard: Rolled Dice and Flicked Matches″ opens May 4 and runs through May 26.

Get more details on the 13 galleries in the Logan-Shaw-U Street area below.

Adamson Gallery at 1515 14th Street NW

  • Renatte Aller dicotyledon runs through May 31.
  • Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Friday, 11:30 am to 5 pm; Saturday, noon to 5 pm.

Ann Loeb Bronfman Gallery, DC Jewish Community Center, 1529 16th Street NW

  • “Traces of Memory: A Contemporary Look at the Jewish Past in Poland” runs through May 21.
  • Gallery Hours: Sunday through Thursday, 10 am to 10 pm; Friday, 10 am to 4 pm.

[email protected] at 1830 14th Street NW

  • Frederic Kellogg’s “Appearances” is on exhibit.
  • Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Friday, 11 am to 6 pm; Saturday, 11 am to 5 pm; and by appointment.

Curator’s Office at 1515 14th Street NW

  • J.W. Mahoney: Carceral” runs through May 19.
  • Overview: “J.W. Mahoney, long a singular and influential presence on the greater Washington, DC art scene, this new meditative body of image/text works on paper over panel is inspired by a recent dark and existential episode in the artist’s life: that of a brief imprisonment after an arrest.” (Curators Office)
  • Gallery Hours: Wednesday through Saturday, noon to 6 pm.

gallery plan b at 1530 14th Street NW

  • “Paintings by Kathy Beynette” runs through May 13.
  • Gallery Hours: Wednesday through Saturday, noon to 7 pm; Sunday, 1 to 5 pm.

Hamiltonian Gallery at 1353 U Street NW

  • Jessica van Brakle + Joshua Wade Smith runs through May 18.
  • Overview: Tropical Obstructions, an exhibition of new works by Hamiltonian Fellows Jessica van Brakle and Joshua Wade Smith. Through painting, sculpture and installation, both artists present landscapes of tropical foliage, water and islands to explore what affect human consciousness has on the perception of nature, and to question the limits of our vision and understanding.  Tropical Obstructions will run from April 21 – May 26, 2012, with an opening reception on Saturday, April 21st, from 7-9 pm” (Hamiltonian Gallery)
  • Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 6 pm.

harmon art lab at 1716 14th Street NW, 2nd Floor

  • Robin Jane Walker & M. Gert Barkovic Closing reception May 5, 4-6pm.
  • Overview: “Ms. Walker will show the gamut of her approach with some work that is purely narrative as well as work that shows her more humorous fun side.” “For Barkovic, heating, bending, or forming materials allows her to be a silent communicator.” (harmon art lab)
  • Ruth Trevarrow and Mark Harris, Opening reception, Saturday, May 12, 2-3pm.
  • Overview: “Ruth has turned her attention to trees. Over the last many months, she has drawn trees from her neighborhood and the environment around her workplace. She brings a life-size silhouette of one of these to our gallery space for the month of May. Mark Harris has drawn animals and Native Americans from his childhood. With time, his intricate pen-and-ink drawings have taken on a contemporary flair. For his project space installation he will hang, salon-style, a large number of these drawings, along with taxidermied animals. Together, these two installations pay homage to our environment and history in a show that is sure to inspire.” (harmon art lab)
  • Gallery Hours: Call for an appointment; gallery staff is in the building Monday through Friday during business hours.

Hillyer Art Space at 9 Hillyer Court NW

  • “Erin Bernard: Rolled Dice and Flicked Matches″ opens May 4 and runs through May 26.
  • Overview: “Rolled dice are like flicked matches: there’s a risk that bridges may be burned and stacked card house ignited. But there’s also the chance that from the ashes a fortune phoenix is born.” (Hillyer Art Space)
  • “Greg Schmigel: Imperfect Strangers–An Exhibit of Mobile Street Photography” Opens May 4 and runs through May 26.
  • Overview: For Greg Schmigel, there’s something very special and unique about capturing street photography. According to Schmigel, “It’s real, it’s true slices of life as we see it — and many times, slices of life as the rest of us miss them.” (Hillyer Art Space)
  • Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Friday 12 am to 6 pm; Saturday and Monday, 12 am to 5 pm; and by appointment.

Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery at 1632 U Street NW

  • FLUID: Rhythms, Transitions, & Connections” features the works of Francie Hester, Lisa Hill and Rebecca Kamen, in collaboration with Susan Alexjander.
  • Overview: “We sometimes forget how truly complex human life is and that we are intimately connected to nature and each other.  In this multifaceted exhibition Francie Hester, Lisa Hill, and Rebecca Kamen tackle the oft-unexplored complexities of human existence and visually ponder questions relating to loss, memory, and our connections to nature and one another. ” (Joan Hisaoka Gallery)
  • Gallery Hours: Wednesday through Friday, 11 am to 5 pm; Saturday, 11 am to 3 pm; and by appointment.

Long View Gallery at 1234 9th Street NW

  • Michelle Peterson-Albandoz runs through May 6.
  • Overview: “To be exact, chaotic materials that people just discard. Most of us don’t even see these objects that become cohesive panels inspired by nature. We just see faded 2 by 4′s in a pile by the empty lot, or an eye sore. Michelle takes a different view. The more beaten and abused the wood, the better it translates alongside other pieces. The weathering of the squares and strips that make up her art panels create a certain flow, a natural and architectural one.” (Long View Gallery)
  • Gallery Hours: Wednesday through Saturday, 11 am to 6 pm; Sunday, noon to 5 pm.

Project 4 Gallery at 1353 U Street NW

  • Foon Sham opens May 12 and runs through June 16.
  • Overview: “This exhibition brings together man-made byproducts of nature sawdust, salt, and tea, with mountainous cones, canyon like vessels, and cast organic forms to explore themes of diligence and survival.).” (Project 4)
  • Gallery Hours: Wednesday through Saturday, noon to 6 pm.

Transformer Gallery at 1404 P Street NW

  • Bread and Butter Artistic Perspectives on Food and Culture runs through May 19.
  • Overview: “Is food about class or identity? Are we as individuals totally responsible for our eating habits? Do our individual preferences influence others? Transformer & guest curator Carolina Mayorga invite artists Chanan Delivuk, Sara Pomerance, Kari Scott, Shannon Young and guests to explore these and other questions about our relationship with food through installation, photography, sculpture, performance, and more..” (Transformer)
  • Gallery Hours: Check website.

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