Graham Taken to Task on Mayor’s Alcohol Law Proposals

by Borderstan.com May 7, 2012 at 2:00 pm 3 Comments

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The Washington Blade‘s Mark Lee skewers Councilmemer Jim Graham (D-Ward 1) for his lack of support for Mayor Gray’s proposed extension of alcohol service and sales hours. Additionally, Lee faults Graham for proposing a hike in alcohol taxes, saying it would add to the already overburdened District hospitality industry.

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Mayor Gray recently proposed allowing alcohol service and sales to be permitted one hour later. Graham proposed raising alcohol taxes as high as 10 cents per drink, an endeavor that would net an additional $34 million annually for the city.

Lee says Graham is out of step with the mayor and the people. Similarly, Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington President Lynne Breaux called Graham’s failure “startling” and said the proposal’s failure was a “loss/loss” for the District.

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  • JT

    Mark Lee was wrong when he said that a smoking ban would kill DC nightlife, and he is wrong now.

  • Lushy Larry

    10 cents more per drink? That means if I have a mere ten (10) drinks in a night, I will have to pay one whole dollar more in total? That’s -hic- outrageous! No– I want the bars open an hour later so I can continue my drinking, along with all the consequences for the community that may bring, for zero extra cost to me! (‘Scuse me– I have to go puke in some bushes now.)

  • M

    Mark Lee is a booze-slinger and as such, he is a completely biased source of information. While I am no huge Jim Graham fan, he is fighting to preserve the quality of life in residential neighborhoods. The booze-slingers only want to make a quick buck and they have little or no interest in maintaining the quality of life in the residential neighborhoods which surround their establishments.

    If you respond, please state what bar(s) you work/have worked/get sloshed at…


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