POTUS Talks Small Business with Locals at Taylor Gourmet

by Borderstan.com May 16, 2012 at 12:00 pm 2,978 2 Comments

"President Barack Obama""Taylor Gourmet"

President Barack Obama talks to small business owners at Taylor Gourmet on 14th Street NW this morning. At far left is David Mazza; to Obama's right is Casey Patten. (Image Courtesy Taylor Gourmet)

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The President (yes, Barack Obama) made a pit-stop for lunch this afternoon at Taylor Gourmet’s 14th Street location for a small round-table discussion with four local business owners, including the gourmet deli’s owners, Casey Patten and David Mazza.

President Obama spent his lunch break listening to concerns from the group of selected small business owners – concerns he plans to take to Congress this afternoon. (In November Obama and his daughters made a shopping trip to Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe on Small Business Saturday.)

“We discussed employee tax credits and all things that will help small businesses grow,” said Patten, who stressed the importance of increased wages and raises for employees of small businesses.

President Obama’s trip is all part of his small business “To Do List” – A list that encourages Congress to pass legislation that gives a 10 percent income tax credit to firms that create new jobs or increase wages in 2012.

“Little by little we are rebuilding our economy and it’s starting with these guys,” said Bridget Bean, director of the Washington Metropolitan Area Office of the U.S. Small Business Association and coordinator of today’s meeting.

“It was really an honor to be apart of this,” added Patten. “It was a lot of fun and it happened on my birthday, so it doesn’t get much better.”

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