Car Going in Wrong Direction on 15th Hits Parked Car, Flips

by Borderstan.com May 20, 2012 at 10:54 am 1,051 5 Comments

"flipped car" "15th Street NW" "Borderstan"

Saturday, May 19 at approximately 11 pm on the 1700 block of 15th Street NW. (Joseph Mia)

According to eyewitnesses who contacted Borderstan late Saturday night, a car was driving southbound on the 1700 block of 15th Street around 11 pm when the driver hit a parked car and overturned.

This stretch of 15th Street NW runs one way — northbound.

Witnesses said that believed they saw one or two people flee the car, and that a woman was treated in an ambulance.

"15th Street accident" "Borderstan"

The parked car that was hit was damaged in the front and shoved toward the bike lane. (Borderstan)

Borderstan contacted DC Police, but they have no more information to share at this time about last night’s incident.

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  • YEARS ago, when I lived at 15th and T, I’d regularly see cars turn the wrong way down 15th.

    How long until the city gets smart and makes it a two-way street again? I mean, I know the commuters would kvetch, but honestly, one-way streets (especially of that width) don’t work.

    • M

      IMGoph – I’ve seen this too but in this case, I don’t think this is what happened. Usually when people go the wrong way they quickly realize it and stop. In this case, I highly suspect that the driver was intentionally driving the wrong way to evade the police. I personally have seen this before on 15th Street. Also, the driver would have to be going pretty fast to flip the car. And the fact that one or two people fled the scene indicates criminal behavior. The fact that the police are being tight-lipped about this indicates there is an ongoing investigation. My guess – juveniles in a stolen car, possibly high, intentionally going the wrong way to avoid the po-po.

      • Connor


        Don’t think that’s the case. I live right in front of where this happened. I didn’t see anyone flee the scene, but someone was being treated. What’s so bizarre is how the one car on the side of the road (black volvo pictured above) looks like it was barely hit. It must have rolled back some because the red car behind it has some front left bumper damage too. But to be going the wrong way down a street at such a speed to flip a car is insane, being as there were no tire marks or anything that would indicate a sharp turn of the wheel after hitting the parked car. The silver car was literally flipped dead center of the middle lane of 15th Street. It almost looked as though someone placed it there– as the black parked car has very minimal damage.. Still can’t figure it out but I guess we’ll see what they find out. I did see the owner (presumably) emerge about a half hour to hour later from down the block and he was flipping out when he saw it. It sounded like he yelled something like “i told her not to!” or something along those lines. Didn’t hear much after that.

  • Irena

    My S.O. and I saw the tail end of the accident, and the driver. No one fleed the scene – I think the driver climbed out of her car and stumbled away from it, but didn’t get very far. It was a girl in her 20s, wearing almost nothing and absolutely wasted out of her mind. The police had to put a bib on her to cover her exposed body all while she drunkenly and loudly wailed about having three jobs or something. She’s so incredibly lucky no one was injured.

    • M

      Well, my guess was way off. So it was a drunk woman that was so wasted she had no idea what she was doing. You’re very right…she is soooooo lucky nobody got hurt. She’s in deep doodoo (wrecked car, lawyer bills, probably have to go to rehab, criminal record, etc.) but nothing like would have happened if she hurt or killed an innocent person. This reminds me of that drunk woman a few years ago who took out some peds at FL & 18th. I’ll bet she’ll never get out.


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