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"Kickball Players"

Stead Park Field on P Street NW: Let's all play kickball. (Luis Gomez Photos)

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Since moving back to the district in my post collegiate life a few years ago, I have been either officially or loosely affiliated with kickball. When I first moved back, it was the vehicle to enter a social circle I had lost touch with and while that team no longer plays, I still consider them some of my closest friends in the city (you know who you are SMK).

Since that first season of wondering how to make the best mixed drink for gameday, I have drifted a bit here and there, to different teams, random assortments, changed leagues and slew of other experiences where I can say (with shame and some fact) I am a veteran of the DC kickball circuit.

One of the first articles I wrote for Borderstan was about the general sort of people that play in kickball leagues. To gloat a little, I think I pretty much nailed it. A year since writing that article, it has only been proven correct time and time again. It humors me that the archetype for kickball players can be narrowly categorized into five generic categories.

Still though, friends of mine in DC laugh at me when they hear I am heading to kickball. Well scoff’ers, here are just a few of things you are all missing.

An Automatic Happy Hour. I think everyone overlooks this. HHs come and go with the trends and the weather. But in a kickball league, there is always a bar linked to the league, where by wearing your brightly colored t-shirt, there are always great deals. Also how many HHs at Local 16 have flip cup, slap cup, or pretty much any other game you and your friends want to play? Exactly.

Beware of the Regulars. If you see your opponent with a printed lineup card, giving actual game strategy, or their average age is around 32, AVOID and don’t antagonize! In my last season I came up against a serious team from the WAKA League (known for taking the actual game seriously, a well known downer in kickball) and our game almost ended in a fight. I kid you not, watching a 38 year old man knock down a girl catcher on a play at the plate was the worst instance of this I have ever seen.

Fun in the Sun As strongly as I encourage running, biking or any other type of physical activity, it is nice for a change of pace. The reserved time in the day to leisurely play an elementary school playground game is a nice spot to look to in a busy work week. Don’t expect to burn off calories, but it’s a nice break from the cubicle.

There are lots of leagues to choose from that can be judged on how the actual games are played. I strongly recommend the ones where the game is leisurely and the focus is the time at the bar with your friends. It’s definitely worth a season and if you haven’t already played, grab a few friends and join a random team; even if after a game or two it’s not for you, there is no harm in walking away with a shirt.

What’s on the Hopper

JUNE! The best sports month ever. NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Finals, French Open, Wimbledon, mid-way baseball, Olympics, and even some horse racing. It doesn’t get better.

Links! Links! Ice Cold Links!

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