Where is DC’s Gay Neighborhood in 2012? The Winner is…

by Borderstan.com May 30, 2012 at 10:00 am 18,181 2 Comments

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Where is DC's gay neighborhood? The Dupont, Logan and U Street neighborhoods combined got 60% of the votes.

Last week we asked Borderstan readers, “Where’s the Gay Neighborhood in DC”, and for the third consecutive year Logan Circle was the winner. Once again, it was not even close, with 38% saying Logan Circle, followed by Dupont Circle with 13% and 9% for U Street and 9% for Shaw.

Actually, the choice of “Everywhere and Nowhere” finished second with 18% of survey respondents — probably one more sign that members of the LGBT community are spreading out further across the city.

“This is such a 1970s question” got 7% of the votes — you have to figure there is a tie-in to the “Everywhere and Nowhere” attitude of an increasing number of both DC’s gay and non-gay community. Interestingly, the number of readers who those two options this year (26%) was down from 39% in the 2011 reader poll.

Big Jump for Shaw

The noticeable jumps were for Logan Circle and Shaw, especially Shaw. Logan Circle went from 34% last year to 38% in 2011 (back to the 2010 number) while the percentage of readers who picked Shaw more than doubled from 4% in 2011 to 9% this year (it was just 2% in 2010).

Dupont Circle Remains Steady

Dupont Circle, once the center of DC’s LGBT community, has gotten almost exactly the same results in the last three years — 13% in 2012, 12% in 2011 and 14% in 2010.

Note: Columbia Heights was a new option in the 2012 reader poll on DC’s gay neighborhood and 3% of survey respondents picked it. One might ask, though, “Where is the dividing line these days between Columbia Heights and the 14th and U corridor? Is it still Florida Avenue NW?”

Here’s how Borderstan voters responded, with results for 2011 and 2010 thrown in for comparison.

Where is DC’s Gay Neighborhood?
 Neighborhood 2012
Reader Poll
Reader Poll
Reader Poll
 Logan Circle 38% 34% 38%
 Everywhere and Nowhere 18% 22%  21%
 Dupont Circle 13% 12% 14%
Shaw  9%  4%  2%
 U Street  9%  8% 6%
 This is such a 1970s question  8%  17% 18%
 Columbia Heights 3% Not asked Not asked
Other  2%   3% 1%

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