Lebodome: DC Depends on AC; Some Local Spots to Stay Cool

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Looking for a cool spot at a local sports bar?(Luis Gomez Photos)

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Modern man has invented some remarkable products to better help us deal with one of the things we can’t control in life: the weather. Advance materials and ways of sewing have brought forth concepts like dry-fit for both hot and cold climates. While I enjoy that and many others, there is only one thing that brings me immense joy and comfort: central air conditioning. And in DC, can you imagine summers without AC?

I shudder to think of a world where people went from place to place, sweating everywhere with no relief except hoping it got dark or a storm would come. Honestly, we praise Henry Ford and Eli Whitney for innovations to the world, but why isn’t the man who invented AC a household name?

If you haven’t noticed the heat recently, maybe you’re a cactus. For the rest of us, it has literally been the hottest (worst) summer in DC ever on record, making doing just about anything outside awful. The idea of even walking to Bethesda Bagel on Connecticut Avenue over the weekend was a serious discussion of “Is there enough shade on the walk?” and “We need enough water for there and back.” One of the only ways to beat the heat (stupid Lebron) is to not go outside and enjoy your AC. It’s like having a car in DC. If you don’t have it, make friends with people who do and never leave their nicely cooled living rooms. I am fortunate enough to have mine cranking as you read this post, but I understand it is a luxury.

Get Out for a Beer and Watch Some Sports

We can’t stay inside forever (as much as we may want to) and sometimes you need a beer or a place to watch a sporting event. So here is just a handful of places in Borderstan with excellent air conditioning. They may not be as good as some other bars as sport watching venues, but if the aim is to stop sweating, stop in these places.

  • Buffalo Billiards: Tons of TVs, tons of space and always pumping AC. Also because it is underground it is not being blasted with rays of sun, which helps.
  • Nellie’s Sports Bar: Great sports bar with fully functioning 21st century central air. Also, there is the option of the outdoors with Nellie’s large rooftop deck — that is, if it is not 105 degrees.
  • Solly’s U St Tavern: Brick building insulates well and blocks heat. Also their AC and HDTVs are in fantastic working order.
  • Your Own Apartment: Stay home. No wait time, always a seat and you can control the temperature.

Beware of any places with large glass windows, huge patios and a constant swinging of the front door. Yes, atmosphere, drink selection and price are important for choosing a bar. But, this time of year only go to places with temperatures similar to a fridge.

In the Hopper

Links! Links! Ice Cold Links!

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