The Inside Scoop: Best Ice Cream in Borderstan

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"Ice Cream"

Celebrate National Ice Cream Month in Borderstan’s creamy places. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Kim Vu. He also has his own food blog, DC Wrapped Dates. Follow him at@dcwrappeddates or email him at kim[AT] 

July is National Ice Cream Month, so with the calendar slowly creeping toward August, we here at Borderstan want to arm you with the tools to beat the block and beat the heat. Fortunately for us, our neighborhood is chock full of shops where you can score a sweet little tidbit to get you through this sweltering summer.

So, here is the esteemed Borderstan contributor panel’s suggestions on Borderstan’s best ice cream — or for that matter, gelato, fro-yo, custard…

Larry’s Homemade Ice Cream (Dupont). I have a special love for this shop particularly because their 60+ flavors are so creative that I’ll forge past my lactose intolerance to try them all. This ain’t an ice cream shop for the calorie conscious, though they do have fro-yo and sorbet options if that’s more your style. Recommendation: try the Heath bar, White Chocolate Chip, or Espresso ice cream. – Ashley

Mr. Yogato (Dupont). I’ve probably written thousands of words describing my love of this tiny Dupont Circle froyo shop. But with a rotating menu of delicious flavors that balance tangy and sweet, and with the additional fun of board games, SNES, and crazy rules for discounts, Mr. Yogato is the best place to cool off and chill out in Borderstan. – Kim

Dolcezza (Dupont). The Valrhona Dark Chocolate gelato is out of this world. As an affagato, it’s even better. – Dan

Definitely I’ve never had anything bad there. I’m a big fan of their sorbets – light on calories and big on taste. They’ve usually got particularly unique items that I love to try. – Mike

Pleasant Pops (Food Truck, coming soon to U Street). Their basil pineapple popsicle is one of my favorite treats in the summer – not only does the truck cruise around to you, but they’re at the Dupont Fresh Farm market every Sunday and are set to open a store front on Florida and 18th soon!  It’s a totally guilt-free, refreshing dessert and they have tons of exotic flavor combinations made with basic ingredients and real fruit. – Chelsea

Point Chaud (14th Street). I stopped by Point Chaud yesterday on 14th Street and had a delicious cup of Stratachella. It was creamy and the small pieces of bitter chocolate were great. Best part: it only cost me $5.50 including tax. – Luis

Pitango (Logan Circle). I adore their cardamom and earl grey flavors. Mojito is pretty good too though. I also love that Pitango will comment on my Foursquare check-ins at VIDA, telling me that they’re next door and I should drop by after my workouts (and basically negate all the hard work I just did). – Laetitia

Sinplicity (Food Truck). Mobile gourmet ice creams and macaron ice cream sandwiches?! Delicious, excellent service, and a variety of flavors depending on what is in season. – Namita

Rich, creamy and interesting/refreshing flavors. And each cup comes with a chunk of biscotti! – Alejandra

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