ANCs: Who’s Picked Up Ballot Petitions? Filing Deadline is August 8

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Featured image: The new ANC 1B map with 12 districts. (DC Board of Elections)

The deadline for filing to run for an Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) seat is next week — Wednesday, August 8. That’s the date for potential candidates to turn in a minimum of 25 valid voter signatures from their district to the DC Board of Elections get on the November 6 election ballot for one of DC’s 38 ANCs, and file a declaration of candidacy. (See Community Service: Got What it Takes to Run for an ANC Seat?)

"ANC 2F"

One of the neighborhood ANCs is 2F, which covers the Logan Circle area. It is gaining two seats due to population growth in the area. Click to see on Google Maps. (Map by Geoff Hatchard)

The DC Board of Elections keeps a list of who has picked up petitions and it’s easy to find out who has picked up petitions by ANC and ANC district (the list is updated as of Friday).

But with only 25 valid signatures required, it is quite possible for a potential candidate to pick up the nominating petitions this week and turn in enough valid signatures to qualify for the ballot. Moreover, just because an individual has picked up petitions does not mean he or she will ultimately decide to run — and in rare occassions candidates are denied ballot access because they lacked enough valid signatures.

Each ANC has Single Member Districts (SMDs) with approximately 2,000 residents. Commissioners will be elected in November for two-year terms, with new boundaries that were drawn following the 2010 Census.

ANC Retirements and New Candidates

In the three local ANCs — 1B, 2B and 2F — there are some notable retirements and one ANC commissioner whose plans are not yet known.

ANC 2B/Dupont

ANC 2B has nine SMDs, the same as before the 2010 Census. While the districts were redrawn to meet population requirements, the changes were minor compared to 2F and 1 B.

  • Bob Meehan, elected in 2002 to the ANC 2B-03 seat is not seeking re-election. To date, only one person has picked up nomination petitions, Stephanie Maltz.
  • Jack Jacobson is giving up his seat and is a candidate for the Ward 2 DC Board of Education seat. Two candidates have officially announced they are running (Martin Espnizoa and Kishan Putta) and a third is getting ready. Stephanie Sheridan has picked up nominating petitions and confirmed with Borderstan that she is making this a three-way race.
  • Notably, incumbent Ramon Estrada in 2B-09 has not yet picked up nominating petitions; he was first elected in 2002 and heads the ANC’s ABRA committee. But, with only 25 valid signatures required, it would be easy for Estrada to still get on the November 6 ballot. (Estrada did not respond to Borderstan over the weekend regarding his plans.)
  • However, one candidate, Noah Smith, is definitely running in Estrada’s 09 district, a fact that he confirmed with Borderstan. Smith and Putta are the volunteer public safety liaisons for ANC 2B.

ANC 2F / Logan 

ANC 2F gained two seats, due to strong population growth in the area between 2000 and 2010. Come January, ANC 2F will have eight seats, up two from its current six seats.

  • Charles Reed, a long time ANC commissioner representing ANC 2F-01 (and who served as chair until recently) is not seeking another term. He made the announcement at the July meeting.
  • Mike Benardo, first elected in 2006, announced last week that he would not seek a fourth term as commissioner. Under current boundaries he represents ANC 2F-6 and is chair of 2F.
  • Nick Barron, ANC 2F-02, announced in May that he would not seek a full term. He was appointed to the seat after the commissioner who won the 2010 election resigned.


ANC 1B includes several DC neighborhoods, including the bulk of the U Street corridor. With population gains in the corrdor, it gains seat and will have 12 commissioners in 2013. Four of the 12 SMDs are in the Borderstan area — 01, 02, 04 and 12.

Come late next week, we will find out who turned in their petitions for run for an ANC seat, and learn how many contested races there are in 1B, 2B and 2F.

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