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Meridian Hill Park Getting a Face Lift

by Borderstan.com July 30, 2012 at 2:00 pm 1,980 6 Comments

"Meridian Hill Park"

Meridian Hill Park undergoing repairs. Click above for pictures. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Luis Gomez. Catch his photos at One Photograph A Day. Follow him on Twitter @LuisGomezPhotos.

Meridian Hill Park, or Malcolm X Park, is getting some love from the National Park Service. The park has been undergoing some work to repair its light system and drainage, fix the pathways and make repairs to the architectural features of the park.

The grass in the middle section of the park was treated last winter. The sculpture of Joan of Arc was treated and its blade was recovered. The new restrooms in the upper part of the park were completed two years ago.

The park has increasingly become a fundamental asset to the neighborhoods it serves. During weekdays, joggers, mother and babies, artists, dog walkers and the community in general enjoy the features of the park. Sundays are always festive, full of music and color as the drum circle takes place.

As stated on the National Park Service website, “The actual planting scheme was designed by New York landscape architects Vital, Brinckerhoff and Geffert. Generally, gardens of this magnitude were reserved for aristocrats. Meridian Hill, however, was to be a product of democracy, open to all people.”

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  • Lou

    I’m not sure what you mean by “the grass in the middle section was treated last winter.” I’ve lived a couple blocks from the park since 1999 and walk and jog with my dog there frequently. The grass in the “upper part” is in horrendous condition due to it overuse as primarily a soccer field. The new sod planted a few years ago is all but destroyed. They have been doing various types of repairs for years and the pace of the work is excruciatingly slow. That new bathroom building was finished a few years ago but was not opened until much later for reason. And the water in the beautiful fountains is always an algae green color and looks filthy. Some of the new trees brought in were inexplicably planted above ground. I agree the park is a tremendous and otherwise gorgeous asset. I just wish it were better maintained.

  • Hello

    Could I just make a comment about the photographs? Why are all the photographs titled at the same angle? And why do they all have this unrealistic vignette effect applied in Photoshop (or maybe Lightroom)? It doesn’t look make the images look dramatic, it just looks silly.

  • MichaThom

    I have been going to this park several times this month (including yesterday) and contrary to your article, the bathrooms are indeed OPEN and there are no port-a-johns in sight. (At least the bathrooms in the upper park on the 15th St side of the park.) Did you actually go to the park to research your article?

    • bugaboo

      You’re right. He probably took those photos from with satellite technology on loan from NASA. Check the photo caption against the byline.

      • MichaThom

        My point was that his story is inaccurate. One can go to the park and take pictures, but did he verify the details in his article which were taken from an outdated information on the park service website?

    • Luis Gomez

      Thank you so much for your comment Micha. On the day I visited Meridan Hill Park, the bathrooms were closed. Obviously, this was a temporary situation while they were doing repairs, and the bathrooms are functional.


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