Borderstan Candids: A Charmed Life in Borderstan

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From Candida Mannozzi. You can reach her at candida[AT]


Enjoying the neighborhood. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Borderstan, lately I’ve had the good luck to receive several different expressions of friendship, encouragement, recognition or affection. I’ve also felt quite lucky to have things and people to look forward to every day, at work and outside the office. It may well be due to my oncoming middle age, but for some reason these experiences (that could be considered details in a long day, or mere happenstances) make me feel very happy and grateful.

I have been a CrossFit “apprentice” since last November and I’ve absolutely fallen for this high-energy, intense, challenging and rewarding workout regimen. It’s the ideal kind of exercise for Type A personalities like mine (!), as there’s always a new challenge, heavier weight, faster pace, longer distance (you get the picture) to aim for.

Well, I was absolutely stunned when our in-house star athlete, who has competed in the past four CrossFit Games and done us incredibly proud, offered to let me borrow her powerlifting shoes on occasion, as she thought they’d give me an extra “edge” in those exercises! I literally felt I’d been given “big shoes to fill,” novice that I am. (I tried her shoes on two separate occasions and have to say, they DO help. Now I’m in the market for my own pair.)

It was incredibly rewarding to feel recognized and encouraged in this way, especially in a discipline that’s quite new to me and has been bringing me so much joy and satisfaction!

Similarly, I’ve had a summer packed with meals, outings, parties, brunches, yoga workshops, impromptu happy hours, etc. with family and good new and old friends in which we’ve enjoyed each other, great food, movies, sports, the arts, and conversations on topics that have expanded my views or knowledge, giving me much food for thought and happy memories. Again, I’ve felt enriched and rewarded by the kinds of people I am lucky to spend time with and the things we choose to share.

Blame it on middle-age onset, as I said, but for some reason I feel as though I’m living a charmed life in our fantastic ‘hood, where amazing people, great conversations, exciting activities, and easy relaxation are all available without even requiring major effort or hassle to attain them. I don’t feel I can take this magical cornucopia for granted.

While I do think we shape our world and our lives to some extent, I also believe we’re not the sole actors of our destiny, and that some pieces of our life-puzzle remain firmly beyond our grasp and control. I have to say that in the over fourteen years I’ve lived in this part of town, life has most definitely improved, friends have multiplied, the neighborhood has grown happily and well and I am one of many reaping the benefits.

Borderstan, hooray! Here’s wishing that you can all happily live it up in our wonderful ‘hood!

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